Nowadays, many wedding photography shops use SMS platforms to send various text messages to customers, such as thank you text after cooperation, selected film repair text, fetching text message, thank you text after fetching, birthday greeting text, etc. The following is a small Compile and organize the text message content templates sent to customers by wedding photography shops for your reference:

Thank you message after the customer chooses:

Mr. xx, thank you very much for your trust and support. We hereby promise to give you the best, best and most exciting works! xx wedding photography [xx wedding]

Hello, Ms. xx, the plate ancient photography wedding photography reminds you that you have successfully ordered a package in our shop. Please contact customer service 8620 before taking pictures*** We will serve you wholeheartedly! [xx photography]

Hello, Mr. xx, thank you for your lifelong sincere choice, Milan wedding dress warmly reminds you, please contact customer service 8080*** before taking pictures, I wish you a happy life! [xx wedding dress]

Thank you message after taking the photo:

Mr. Gong Peng thank you for your support to Inter Milan. During your photo shoot, if there is any lack of service or delay, please forgive me! Sincerely, Customer Service Department! 0792-2195***【xx wedding photography】

Reminder SMS for Selecting Films:

Ms. xx thank you for your support for the Milan wedding dress. Please go to the store to select photos 3 days from the date of taking the photo. If there is any incomplete service or negligence during your photo shoot, please forgive me! Sincerely, Customer Service Department! [Xx wedding dress]

Take a short message:

Ms. xx, your photos are all ready, you can come to pick up the pieces when you have time, thank you for your trust and support! [Xx wedding dress]

Mr. xx, your work in the xx wedding photo studio has been finished. Remember to go to the famous wedding dress at No. 100 Zhengzhong Street to take your product! Information telephone 2721030 [xx wedding dress]

Thank you for taking photos:

Hello xx~ All your works in Sesame Kingdom & Ella’s wedding photography have been taken, remember to recommend it for us! Thank you for your trust and support for xx wedding photography! [Xx wedding photography]

Customer birthday greeting message:

On the occasion of your birthday, Mr. xx, all staff of xx wedding photography wish you a happy birthday, permanent youth and good health! Thank you for your support for xx wedding photography [xx wedding photography]

As your birthday is approaching, Ms. xx, all xx staff wish you a happy birthday, permanent youth and good health! Thank you for your support to xx 0792-2195*** [xx wedding photography]

xx kids, it’s your birthday soon, I wish your baby a healthy and happy growth. [Xx wedding photography]

Wedding anniversary blessing message:

Mr. xx tomorrow is your wedding anniversary, you will definitely not forget it! ^-^All staff of Xintiandi wedding photography wish you two happiness and love forever! [Xx photography]

Customer happy day:

Hello, Ms. xx, today is your great day. Everlasting wedding photography staff wish you a happy wedding, a hundred years of love, happiness forever! [Xx wedding photography]

A hundred days of children:

Kids, it’s been 90 days since your arrival, I wish you still lovely and happy, remember to call customer service 4330*** to make an appointment for taking pictures in advance! [Xx wedding photography]

Hundred days are coming, please contact customer service in advance to make an appointment to take pictures, wish your baby grow up healthy! [Xx wedding photography]