advantages of whatsapp marketing

advantages of whatsapp marketing



Advantages of whatsapp marketing

Welcome back to another blog in the last few blogs we get knowledge about the Advantages of SMS marketing WhatsApp marketing, as well as about google my business and google search console now we are going to see the advantages of WhatsApp marketing for business.

what is the advantage of Whatsapp marketing?

1) user in billion

2) direct communication

3) private and secure data

4) a highly engaging social platform

5) having a number of features

6) cost-effective

1) User in billion

if we consider the user of WhatsApp only for India 310 million people are using Whatsapp that’s why we have a large customer base or we can say that we can connect with these people within a minute if we have contact or we send bulk WhatsApp messages.

2) direct communication

we can communicate directly with customers that why we get clarity about everything because it has 2 ways of communication. as well as if we send msg we get information if the customer reads it or not in SMS marketing we do not get such info.

3) private and secure data

Whatsapp is a private social media platform no one can hack our account like other platforms, as well as no one, can find a number with a name or mail id that’s why it is private and secure.

4) a highly engaging social platform

we know if we send WhatsApp messages to anyone then they can read msg within an hour or maybe 5 10 minutes means they have a high response time. as well as people at least spend one hour daily on WhatsApp that why we get more opportunities to reach to customers.

5) having several features

we know in WhatsApp we get no of features like we can send location to our customers as well as we can send pdf, ppt, photos, video, contact regarding our business in business WhatsApp we can send catalog to the customer as well as if someone reply when we offline automatic reply can send to customers.

6) cost-effective

Whatsapp marketing is cost effective compare to other social media marketing if you want send bulk whatsapp then you have to pay less than 1 rupees and if you want send personal SMS then we know it is absolutely free.

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