Many management systems in the catering industry now incorporate the function of mass messaging to better serve customers. At the same time, mass messaging is also used for marketing and promotion to attract more people to eat. Specifically, BULK SMS FOR RESTAURANT. The main applications are as follows:

1. Marketing promotion: Publish the latest promotional advertisement notifications through SMS group sending, including the latest cuisines, discounts, etc.; customers can enjoy discounts for consumption by SMS, expand new customer groups, and promote brand promotion.

2. Member services: send blessing messages to members on their birthdays or important holidays through the SMS platform to send warmth. Members can also provide improvements or complaints to businesses via SMS.

3. Member management: successful operations such as new member registration and member information modification can be used to convey information to customers through the SMS platform.

The following are some templates of text messages frequently sent by restaurants that I have collected for your reference:

1. Marketing promotion

1. Dear member, hello, our store recently launched **fish series cuisine, welcome to come and taste! phone:******【****】

2. Dear members, hello, when ** is coming, our store will launch a discount campaign of buy 100 and get 20 free. Welcome! 【****】

3. Dear member, hello, our shop has won the honorary title of **, and we look forward to your visit again with the same price and better service. 【****】

2. Member Care

1. SMS

Dear customer: In winter, you should eat more lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in high-quality protein and high vitamins to maintain a regular life and ensure adequate sleep to enhance the ability to resist viral and bacterial infections. 【****】

2. Member’s birthday

Dear member: Today is your birthday, we specially send you a warm blessing! Happy birthday to you! 【****】

3. There is a discount on the member’s birthday

Dear member: Today is your birthday, happy birthday to you! **You can enjoy** discounts on your birthday! 【****】

4. Best wishes for holidays

Dear member: Happy ** Festival! Wish you a beautiful life and a happy family! Order a meal to enjoy ** discount! service line:*******【****】

5. Holiday SMS

Dear members: **Month**day-**days to enter the shop for a full ** minus ** yuan, the former ** customers who enter the shop can get it for free**, so many surprises are waiting for you! For more information******【****】

6. Some special holidays for customers, such as wedding anniversary greeting messages

Dear Mr*, hello, on the occasion of your ** wedding anniversary,** wish you and your family happiness forever. On the wedding anniversary, you can enjoy the ** discount and receive a free bottle of red wine. 【****】

3. Member Management

1. Customers become members

Dear member: Welcome to become a member of **! service line:*******【****】

2. Members apply for membership card

After the customer applies for the membership card, a text message can be sent to remind. Dear member: Hello! You applied for a membership card in *** on **month**, thank you for visiting our shop! wish you a happy life! service line:******【****】

The above is the introduction of the editor on “Applications and templates of bulk SMS in restaurants”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.