With the improvement of living standards and the continuous improvement of spiritual needs, more and more people will choose their favorite animals for breeding. Even some pet lovers have regarded pets as one of their family members, and pet-related industries are also People’s lives are becoming more prominent. From the birth, foster care, maintenance methods of pets, pet food, pet supplies, pet clothing, toys, medical treatment…all have well realized modern network information services, and in the pet industry, SMS platforms are also applications In what ways?

First, pet files

The first time you take a cute pet to a pet store or a pet hospital, it is essential to set up a file, giving the cute pet’s name, date of birth, and owner’s contact information, all under a unified management.

After the file is established, the pet management system will provide better breeding suggestions based on the age and breed of the cute pet, such as a text message to the cute pet owner. “The weather is hot in summer, avoid pet skin diseases and fleas, eat fresh, take a bath frequently, and avoid air conditioning.”

Second, or notification of vaccination

Hello, Master XX! Please bring your cute pet for the third vaccination before X month X. You cannot bathe your cute pet within one week after vaccination. Please bathe your cute pet before coming to the store. XX pet hospital.

Third, the promotion of marketing activities

Pet food, toys, clothing, etc. in pet shops are also one of the important sources of income for pet shops/pet hospitals, so mass advertising SMS is also essential, such as the following SMS program: cute pet owner, hello, our shop In the August store celebration, the Mengbao shower card is XX yuan, XX times, and with the membership card, you can purchase XX products worth XXX yuan, and XX discounts.

Fourth, daily reminders

Send the latest news in the store, as well as some of the working hours in the store, to the pet owner by means of mass text messages, such as: “In order to meet the needs of the majority of pet family members, there are new adjustments to working hours on weekends. The original time is XXXX , The new working hours are XXXX, XX pet shop.”

Fifth, feeding suggestions

You can send tips on raising cute pets to cute pet owners from time to time. For example, “Salt is a common way to supplement the deficiency of sodium and chlorine in food. It is necessary to add an appropriate amount (generally 1%) of salt to food, which can improve The palatability of food can be supplemented with sodium and chlorine.”

Sixth, in-store transactional notice

This is mainly to facilitate internal management, such as working time adjustments, staff on duty arrangements, or other transactional work arrangements.