Birthday message template for company employee.


Birthday message template for company employee.



Many companies will send a birthday greeting text message to the member on the member’s birthday so that the member feels the company’s care, so how can the company send a group text message on the member’s birthday and how to edit the content? we get some example of  Birthday message template for company employee.

How does the company send group text messages on birthdays? For companies, the number of members is often relatively large, and many people celebrate their birthdays every day. If you use mobile phones to send text messages to the members , it is not only inefficient, but also inconvenient to operate.

Generally, when companies send SMS birthday messages to members, they will use the SMS platform to send them. Just import the member’s date of birth, mobile phone number, and name into the SMS platform, and then edit the birthday SMS content template. In this way, the SMS platform will automatically screen out the members who have birthdays every day, and the operator only needs to select these birthday members and send them with one click. Here we recommend Lexin SMS platform to everyone.

How to edit a member’s birthday message? Here is a collection of birthday greeting messages sent by good companies to members for your reference:

Dear VIP: Today is your birthday. On this special day, all the staff of XX store sincerely wish you a happy birthday and always healthy and beautiful. 【××Shop】

Dear member: Tomorrow is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday! You can receive a gift when you enter the store on your birthday, and you can enjoy a 60% discount on all counter items! 【××Shop】

[Xx merchants] Dear xx, I learned that today is your birthday. Here, xx merchants and all the staff wish you a happy birthday and a happy life! In addition, you can enjoy a half-price discount on certain products on your birthday, and we look forward to your visit!

[Xx merchants] Dear VIP customers, xx mall wishes you a happy birthday! Every birthday customer enjoys a half-price discount in our store, and the store has prepared a beautiful small gift for you, a special birthday shopping coupon worth 100 yuan, come and get it!

[Xx clothing store] Dear xx, today is your birthday, xx has never forgotten to wish you on such a special day: Happy birthday and happy life. On your birthday, you will enjoy a 40% discount on all clothing in our store. On such a special day, don’t forget to add beautiful clothing and a good mood to yourself!

The above is the introduction of the editor on “How does the company send text messages and how to edit the content on birthdays of members”, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.