Although group texting is a relatively simple marketing method, if you don’t understand some of the techniques of group texting, the marketing effect will be greatly reduced. Then what are the skills of group texting?

Tips for mass messaging marketing SMS 1. Choose a reliable mass messaging platform

Choose a reliable mass messaging platform. There are many mass messaging platforms on the market, but there are some unreliable and informal platforms. The arrival rate of mass messaging using these platforms is not guaranteed, and the effect of mass messaging marketing will naturally not be good. Recommended reading: Reassuring and reliable SMS platform

Bulk marketing short message skills 2. Filter and sort data

Filtering and sorting out the group data. For example, the e-commerce industry can sort and classify according to tags such as gender, age, consumption amount, and region, and then plan different marketing activities for different classifications to achieve better results.

Tips for mass messaging marketing SMS 3. Edit attractive mass messaging content

Mass marketing SMS applications are already very extensive, so most people receive marketing text messages from some companies and businesses every day. If the edited mass marketing text messages are not attractive enough to attract users, the effect will naturally not be it is good. Editors send mass marketing text messages, suggesting that the language should be clean and concise, humorous, and at the same time create a sense of urgency to prompt the reception to make a decision as soon as possible.

Bulk marketing SMS skills 4. Before mass marketing SMS, a small amount of testing

Before sending mass marketing text messages in large batches, be sure to test in small batches to see if the content of the edited marketing text messages is incorrect, such as whether the links in the content can be opened and whether they will be blocked by security software. If all the mass marketing SMS messages are blocked, it is recommended to adjust the content to minimize blocking.

Bulk marketing SMS skills 5. The appropriate time for bulk marketing SMS

To send mass marketing text messages, you must choose the leisure time of customers, so that the reading rate of mass text messages is high. The editor recommends that you choose between 7:00—9:00 in the morning, 11:00—12:30 in the morning, and 17:00—18 in the afternoon: 00, 18:30-19:30 in the evening and other time periods, in addition, activities must be sent one day in advance or scheduled.

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