Establishing a good relationship with our customers is a process that requires dedication, effort, and patience. To generate sales we can not wait for them to get closer, rather we must be proactive, get there where they are and at the best time.

The use of communication tools is essential to create and maintain good relationships with our customers; the Bulk SMS marketing is based on sending text messages in order to be able to communicate discounts, updates, offers or advertisements of any kind.

Our Platform is able to provide an effective Bulk SMS marketing tool for agencies with a relevant discount for them and their customers, through our partner programs and distributors you can obtain prices with significant discounts for the use of our SMS solutions marketing. Get Free Bulk SMS Now

The efficiency of a Bulk SMS Marketing campaign for Agencies and End Customers

Bulk message marketing is one of the most useful, effective advertising tools with the highest opening rate at present. We will show you some of the reasons why creating a marketing campaign with the support of massive SMS can surprise you:

  • Text messages represent a very good way to reach customers directly. Including a link in the text helps us promote visits to our website or social networks.
  • It is possible to complete the strategy with e-mail marketing, although they have differences in their implementation, together they have a better functioning.
  • Bulk SMS marketing in India┬áhas a very good reception compared to other means of dissemination of messages. At least 90% of the messages are read in the 3 minutes after being delivered, making the advertising campaign take effect in a short space of time.
  • It is a suitable tool for emerging markets, especially if you are offering your services in places where browsing data is expensive or Wi-Fi is scarce and therefore, text messages are a more traditional, secure and economical communication channel.

We help you to sell your clients more

Thanks to our Text Message Marketing platform, the management and creation of an advertising campaign through SMS text messages is simple and economical.

You can create and send text messages through our management panel, schedule shipments, view statistics and generate reports to easily send your customers.

You can also integrate the SMS Public module into online stores based on Prestashop. In this way, you will be able to streamline the processes related to notifications to clients according to the current status of the orders. What generates an increase in added value in the customer’s purchase process, thanks to the continuous and updated information received about the status of your order.

In addition, another of the great advantages is that you have at your fingertips with the help of our platform the possibility of sending satisfaction surveys to customers who made the purchase of any of your products or services, or those of your customers.

This type of bi-directional messages allows the client to feel part of the company, finding all the answers to their doubts and resolving the possible inconveniences in a transparent way and in a relatively short time. Likewise, it gives the opportunity to know the opinions, complaints, recommendations, desires for change and more, which brings the experience of the clients themselves with the products, website or services that are commercialized quickly and economically.

Bulk SMS campaigns are ideal for marketing agencies and advertising campaigns of any company, being interesting to include it in the advertising strategies of both loyalty and customer acquisition.

Advantages of Fox AirComm for marketing and advertising agencies

  • We offer an advanced but easy-to-use SMS Marketing platform.
  • You can integrate it into your CRM or management program thanks to our SMS API.
  • The possibility of creating interactive and visually more attractive SMS with links to your website, social networks or directly to SMS
  • Landing that you can create from our platform.
  • Improve loyalty strategies, thanks to continuous and informative communication with your customers.
  • Access to Tutorials to start easily, quickly and efficiently with your SMS text messaging strategy.
  • Variety when choosing what types of messages to send: Basic SMS, Massive SMS, SMS Gateway, SMS Survey, SMS Landing and much more.
  • You can schedule the date, time and minute in which to send the text message.
  • Our SMS API works in secure HTTPS protocol, provides a secure connection in transmission and handling of personal data.
  • If you want to offer an SMS platform to your customers, you have the opportunity to become a Fox AirComm Affiliate distributor or as a White Label, offering your own SMS sending platform.
  • You can obtain specific reports about the status of your clients’ accounts at any time.

With Fox AirComm you can send a landing page with different colors, images, and links that is specific to certain SMS marketing campaigns. With SMS Landing you can create with our editor, in a few steps, a page adapted to the mobile phone and attach it to the text message. Giving more visual information to clients and allowing them to communicate directly with the offer or promotion proposed by your SMS marketing campaign.

Without a doubt, the interaction with the client and the immediacy and ease when sending SMS text messages are the main factors that have made SMS marketing more fashionable than ever.