Bulk SMS is effective or not


With the high popularity of mobile phones, more and more companies are adopting the marketing method of mass texting . However, after some companies have used the SMS platform to send group text messages for a period of time, they find that the effect is not satisfactory. So, is the Bulk SMS is effective or not? ?

Is the effect of mass SMS marketing good? First of all, mass messaging marketing is a very good marketing method with the following advantages:

①Low cost: It only costs a few cents to send a group of short messages using the SMS platform, and only tens of thousands of yuan to send one million users, which is very low compared to the hundreds of thousands and millions of yuan in newspapers or TV;

②High reading rate: SMS has the characteristics of compulsory reading, most people will click on it after receiving the SMS;

③The release time, area and quantity can be freely controlled: the release time of short messages can be freely controlled, and is not affected by traditional advertising production and release cycles; enterprises can freely choose the release area according to the product circulation; the release quantity can be adjusted according to the acceptance situation, Facilitate business arrangements for advertisers.

④Fast speed: The dissemination of group text messages is not restricted by time and region, and is the same for any province and city in the country; millions of mobile phone users can receive it within 24 hours; the content of text messages can be changed at any time to ensure that the latest information is in the shortest To consumers within a period of time.

From the above four points, it can be seen that the advantages of this method of mass texting marketing are very prominent, and the effect is naturally very good. Then why are some companies using SMS platforms for mass texting marketing effects that are not ideal, mainly related to the following aspects :

① The selected SMS platform is not formal, and there are “deductions” and “low arrival rates”, and users have not received them, so the effect will naturally not be good;

Here we recommend the Momentum First Wing Information SMS platform. Its charging adopts the billing method of “Successful SMS Sending and Returning Failure” to prevent customers from spending any extra money. Every SMS sent has a receipt report. Success and failure can be clearly seen through the report, so that customers can clearly and clearly consume.

② SMS content editing is not good. Now users receive marketing text messages from many companies every day. If the content editing is not simple, clear and attractive, it will be difficult for many users to read it patiently, and the effect will naturally not be ideal;

③The SMS sending time is not well chosen. Avoid choosing the user’s working hours for sending SMS. The specific choice of when to send depends on your own industry; Recommended reading: Best time to send marketing SMS

④The frequency of sending short messages, pay attention to the frequency of group sending short messages, to avoid users’ ignorance or even disgust.

Finally, the first wing information editor would like to remind everyone to do a good job of monitoring and data analysis of SMS sending:

①Monitor SMS sending effect: mainly monitor the real-time arrival rate and arrival time of SMS, whether there are any abnormalities, while evaluating the quality of the SMS platform, it is also necessary to ensure that most users can receive SMS, otherwise sending SMS will be meaningless .

②Data analysis: SMS sending effect, click-through rate, transaction volume, and sales can all be displayed intuitively through data analysis. With such a data report, there will naturally be a clear direction on what to do later.

Only by continuously analyzing and comparing each text message and summing up the experience, the mass text message marketing will be better and better, the conversion rate will be higher and higher, and the promotion effect will be better and better.