Bulk SMS marketing is profitable or not?


                                    Bulk SMS marketing is one of the important parts of digital marketing. Many businessmen think that bulk SMS marketing is profitable or not today we are going to briefly get knowledge about this concept and. we will find Bulk SMS marketing is profitable or not ?

we will cover the following point

1)What is bulk SMS marketing?

2)uses of SMS marketing 

3)Why is SMS marketing profitable?


1)What is bulk SMS marketing?


Bulk SMS marketing is a service that sends a large number of SMS T To a broad audience at once time this is a super powerful technique or we can say that is a digital marketing technique that helps to send SMS safely quickly and directly to your customer worldwide

2)uses of SMS marketing 

there are many uses of bulk SMS marketing in the different industries we take some examples we know that how sales funnel work awareness, interest, decision, and action in this making awareness of product or services bulk SMS marketing play a big role .if you introduce some event or shop or small business you can send bulk SMS all over your city so people get aware of your product or service.

Ex. if you are a digital marketer class owner you have to make some event or workshop regarding your class you can send bulk SMS throughout your city . you target students by hitting SMS many of students get aware about that event or workshop then some of that participate that workshop/event and some of getting admission to your class that means by hitting bulk SMS customer/audience they get aware about your business and by some time it converts in your leads and this is the process, as it is real estate agent,class owner,malls offer,event manager ,hotel owner can send bulk sms .


3)Why is Sms marketing profitable?

 there are some points where we can say that SMS marketing is profitable first

Easy to send

 SMS is directly sent in the inbox while email marketing emails are not sent due to some reason getting spam so we can say that sending bulk SMS  using SMS portal is so easy.

Instant delivery 

It takes  2 to 3 seconds to deliver bulk SMS.  within a second you reach upto 1 lakh to 10 lakh peoples .so to reach enlarge number people  within some seconds we can say that SMS marketing is on the top

high open rate

 This is one of the big reasons behind SMS marketing’s high open-rate. If you are leaving this opportunity to create marketing awareness regarding your product then you lost something big. many of us check our smartphones  5 to 10 times in an hour.SMS are easily visible on screen 0r notification bar so so that’s why the opening rate of SMS is about  98% due to this we reach almost 98% of our audience or we can say that we can deliver our message to 98% of people of the total audience


 we know that Google ads and Facebook ads are quietly costly compared to SMS in Google ad and Facebook ad we get lead of 15 to 20 rupees for one lead therefore in SMS marketing you can SMS to send 1 lakh to10 lakh people at very low cost.