Bulk SMS marketing software demo

Bulk SMS marketing software demo

Bulk SMS marketing software demo

We know Bulk SMS marketing is one the essential part of marketing for every business, there are many features of SMS marketing like delivery rate, reach within minute and cost effective .we can see Bulk SMS marketing software demo step by step .

steps of demo

  • login from link
  • dashboard details 
  • SMS service
  • Transactional
  • Phone-Book
  • reports 
  • application
Bulk SMS marketing software demo

Bulk SMS marketing software demo

1)login with link  -if you want take demo firstly you have to login with id password with following link then you enter the dashboard of demo bulk SMS marketing swoftware.

you can login with this  details

2. dashboard details 

now you enter in the dashboard where you  can see many option likes SMS service ,transcational ,phonebook,reports and application in left hand side,

incentre you see the result of analytics how many SMS you send transcational  promotional .

Bulk SMS marketing software demo

Bulk SMS marketing software demo


3) SMS Service

In SMS service you can see 3 options send sms ,send sms opt,sms from file in this send sms you can choose message channel pramotional and transcational which type of sms campaingns you do its depend on you can enter sender id campaingns name then you can enters numbers then you can write your message what text you want send in your language you then you can send sms ,

send sms opt in this you can select oprator means message route opt group and other same as previous,if you want send sms individually means if you send diffrent message to diffrent people then you can upload excel its is helpful for classses to text the marks of student .


in this you can can see 3 option my senders all details of senders id,second option is template ypu can see the all details regarding template ,and redirct .

5) phone book

in phone book you can see 3 option import ,export and blacklist contact you can import the numbers you want as well you export alredy exist numbers and .


in reports you can see all details of your marketing you can see campagines wise report,deleivery report ,schedule report all type of report you can see


in last option application you can change password details and if the support required .

as this way you can check the demo for more you can call 88798 64151

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