Bulk SMS Platform Use in supermarkets in India

See how the SMS platform is used in supermarkets in India

 Bulk SMS Platform Use in supermarkets in India

                  The SMS platform currently has a wide range of applications, and the supermarket industry is one of them. So what application does the SMS platform have in the supermarket industry? The editor of the first wing message messaging platform will give you a detailed introduction.

The application of SMS platform in supermarkets mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Publicity and promotion: When the supermarket has a promotion plan, after finishing the display in the store, use the SMS platform to quickly send promotional SMS notifications to members.

2. Send electronic discount codes: Do you send electronic discounts to members for different categories of goods?

3. Points redemption: When there are points redemption activities, use the SMS platform to send SMS to inform members.

4. Latest news: Send the latest news of the supermarket so that members can have a new understanding of the supermarket.

5. Birthday greetings: Use the birthday sending function of the SMS platform to automatically send birthday wishes to members.

6. Holiday greetings: Whenever a holiday comes, use the SMS platform to send holiday greetings to all members.

7. Member points query: Members can query their member points by texting.

Below, the First Wing Information SMS platform has collected and sorted out some frequently sent SMS messages from supermarkets for your reference:

① xx Supermarket Big Gun Festival is opening! xx month xx day ~ xx morning 8:30 to 10:10, a single purchase of 49 yuan or more with coupon number xxxxxx to get 5 yuan off (not cumulative), please refer to the store【xxx】

②Buy 52 wet wipes at the original price of xx yuan at the xx supermarket with the promo code xxx, minus 2 yuan for 52 pieces of wet wipes, buy xx yuan with promo code xxx, get 2680g super-efficiency washing powder, and get another 4 yuan off each product is limited to 6, Valid from xx months xx day-xx month xx day. [Xxx]

③ From xx month xx day to xx days, you can participate in the prize-scraping activity with purchases of xx yuan or more. The first prize is fully free, the second prize is free of 20 yuan, and the third prize is free of 10 yuan. See the shop poster for details! [Xxx].

④Dear XX, tomorrow is your birthday. All members of our XX supermarket thank you for your support to XX over the past year. On your birthday, we sincerely say “Happy Birthday” to you.

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