Bulk Sms Service Provider in PUNE



If you are looking for Promotional bulk SMS and transaction bulk SMS service for your business then we are the best bulk SMS provider in Pune and pcmc as well as we also working with other cities Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

Bulk SMS marketing is a communications channel using it we can communicate with a wide range of customers. using our services like promotional bulk SMS Transactional SMS you can increase your sales. bulk SMS campaign to reach a wide range of people with a different type of people, it may be businessmen, working people, or students so we can advertise our business according to our customer base.

The reason behind bulk SMS marketing use

1. Open rate

Did you know the opening rate of SMS is about 98% means 98 people out of 100 see the SMS or open SMS that’s why if we run a campaign for bulk SMS then we get a maximum open rate .and few of them who are interested in our business they can revert back.


The cost of bulk SMS in India varies from 5 paise to 15 paise according to data quality as well as delivery rate so if we think about cost then it is always more cost-effective than other digital marketing services

3) Instant reach

If we want to reach 1 lakh to 10 lakh people within a minute online then bulk SMS marketing is the best way to reach out instant because SMS take just a few minutes delivered.

4) We can use it occasionally

No of time we have to advertise our business according to festive offer so if we have our existing customer data or related customer data then we can send offer ads direct to the customer within few minutes.

5) Direct marketing

Direct marketing means we don’t have any intermediate between advertiser and customer if we send any msg regarding business or if they interested then they directly contact with you.

Why foxaircomm Pvt ltd company is best Bulk SMS provider in Pune

1) Experienced and trusted company

foxaircomm Pvt Ltd company is working in Digital Marketing filed from last 5 to 6 years so we have experience in this filed And we served 2500 client in the identical area.

2) cooperative and skillfully employees 

our employees are multiskilled as well as cooperative so while advertising you can get well service and we will cooperate with you very well

3) cost-effective

our charges are less than other digital marketing company so it gives more ROI as compared to other company so it is best option to choose our company.