Bulk whatsapp marketing software demo

Bulk whatsapp marketing software demo

Bulk whatsapp marketing software demo

                           Bulk whatsapp marketing is also imporatanat for every business if you want send pdf praposal ,video to numbers of people then we have to use bulk sms marketing software we can send images,videos,PDF releted our business whatsapp marketing is so effective beacauase we can send details profile of our business like what type of services we provide ,what is the cost of any video regarding details ,so customer easily understand so let see how we can send bulk whatsapp through this software demo.


  1. login
  2. Dashboard
  3. Wapp Campaign
  4. Wapp(International)
  5.  WAPP Report
  6.  Credit History
  7.  Change Password
  8.  Manage APIKey
  9.  Logout


for username password you can contact on

call or whatsapp 88798 64151




bulk whatsapp marketing software dashboard

Bulk whatsapp marketing software dashboard

bulk whatsapp demonow you can see the dashboard in left side you can see all option regarding campaign and ,international whatsapp wapp report,credit history change password and in center you can see result of campaign in circular form . and right side you can see the numbers of all campaign

3.Wapp Campaign

bulk whatsapp marketingbulk whatsapp marketing now you can see campaign details now enter the numbers of your client or customer in number box after that you can enter your message upto 1 mb and 2000 character ,then you can upload 1 mb size image or graphics , then 1 mb size business PDF,and 1mb size video .all this format will be consider 1 message .then you can enter send now button


it is same as previous just in this you can send international sms with country code you just have enter the country code then you can send your mesage pdf and whatever you want.

5.WAPP Report

in this you can see the details report of your campaign .sr no ,delivery msg time all this datails you can find from this .

6.Credit History

in this you can check the credit debit history refund msg all this count you can see from this

7.Change Password

in this you can chnage login password 

8. Manage APIKey

in this you can create new APIkey


from this you can logout from software by just clicking logout 

demo bulk whatsapp marketing

in this image you can how message is deliverd to person as this way now you can understand how we can send bulk sms to large numbers of people hope you understand for other details or if you want run campaign then you can contact with us

call 88798 64151