Can I contact the operator directly for group SMS? This was an idea that many companies and merchants had when they first came into contact with group SMS messaging . However, many companies and businesses finally found that it is not realistic to directly purchase SMS group messaging services from operators. The main reasons are as follows:

1. High requirements for enterprise application qualifications

Enterprises and merchants can directly apply to the operators for the purchase of SMS, but operators have requirements on the qualifications of the enterprises, and the enterprises that apply for must have a value-added telecommunications business license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and a short message service access code license, etc. . This threshold alone blocks most of the enterprises, so it is unrealistic for ordinary small and medium-sized enterprises to directly find operators to cooperate.

2. Need to apply separately

At present, there are mainly three telecom operators (China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom), and the numbers for enterprise SMS group sending are generally mobile, China Unicom, and telecommunications numbers. Therefore, if the enterprise SMS group sends directly to the operator, you need to apply to the three operators separately. And the application cycle is relatively long, and it is more troublesome and cumbersome.

Three, need to build a sending platform

Operators only provide a channel interface for sending short messages, not a platform for group SMS sending. Therefore, if an enterprise wants to send group SMS messages, it first needs to build a short message sending platform and connect to the operator’s short message channel interface to realize group SMS sending. Therefore, the cost is relatively high and requires high technical capabilities.

Fourth, the price is higher

Operators’ prices are also higher. Many companies may not understand this. How can the price be higher if you directly find the operator’s short message group cooperation, because the general company’s own sending volume is not large, so they can’t get big discounts. , And because SMS companies specialize in providing SMS group messaging services, they are in great demand and can get great preferential policies.

Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone knows how to choose when mass messaging. If the company is not very large and the usage is very large, it is recommended to find a third-party mass messaging company, which is not only convenient and fast, but also cheap and good service. However, there are many companies that provide group SMS messaging services on the market, and there are many companies that are irregular and unreliable. It is recommended that you choose carefully.