Commonly used SMS group content templates for optical shops

Commonly used SMS group content templates for optical shops

Commonly used SMS group content templates for optical shops

                      Nowadays, many optical shops use SMS group sending in their daily operations. The use of SMS group sending can not only carry out publicity and promotion, but also establish interaction with customers, thereby enhancing the visibility of the store and enhancing customer loyalty. The optical shops generally tell customers What kind of group texting? The following is a collection of sms templates for optical shops for your reference:

1. Promotional SMS:


[Xx glasses] xx glasses x anniversary celebration, add our WeChat account xxx from now on, you can get a free pair of frames if you forward the collection of likes, and the value of xxx yuan ~ xxx yuan lens is 50% off. Add WeChat for details, unsubscribe and reply T

② School promotion

[Xx Glasses] The opening of school glasses is in full swing. Three thousand new frames are newly put on the shelves. After the glasses are discounted by 35%, you will receive precious eye drops. xxx aspheric lenses protect your eyes. Unsubscribe back to T

③Joint school promotion

[Xx glasses] Dear schoolmates (parents) of truth-seeking school! Our center cooperated with your school to organize the “Eye Care and Eye Care Campus Tour” and we now inform you to bring your children to our center for free glasses from 19:00 to 21:00 this evening. Remember! The top five in each class are equipped with glasses for free! Address: ******* Hotline: *******.

2. After-sales maintenance customer SMS:

① Contact lens expiration reminder SMS

[Xx glasses] Hello, dear customers, the semi-annual contact lenses you bought on x month x are about to expire, please pay attention to replace them, wish you a happy life, unsubscribe back to T

②Daily caring SMS:

[Xx glasses] Dear Li xx, thank you for your patronage. Contact lenses need to be cleaned and replaced regularly, worn for no more than 8 hours a day, and taken out before going to bed.

③Remind SMS for vision review:

[Xx glasses] Hello, your vision review time has come, please go to the store to review in time, xx glasses, escort your clear world, unsubscribe reply T

3. Holiday and birthday care

①Birthday greeting message:

[Xx glasses] Hello, dear members, today is your birthday, XX glasses shop wishes you always healthy, youthful and beautiful!

②Holiday blessing and caring SMS:

Dear friends, hello! Thank you very much for your support and love to xxx glasses shop! We will continue to provide you with professional technology, high-quality products and considerate service. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. On the occasion of the arrival of xx, I wish you a happy family and all the best!