Cost of bulk  message generally

Cost of bulk text message generally


Group texting has applications in all walks of life. Before choosing group texting, many companies and businesses want to know the price of group texting. So how much is a group texting? cost of bulk text message generally

How much does it cost to send a group text message? Currently, the price of a group text message in the market is 5 to 15 paisa The reason why the price of each text message varies greatly is mainly caused by the following factors:

1. The content of group SMS

The content of group SMS can be divided into three categories:

①Verification code SMS

The verification code SMS is mainly for user identity verification, such as user registration, secure login, password retrieval, payment verification and other scenarios.

The price of each SMS with verification code is the lowest, and the price of each SMS is 10 15 paise

②Industry notification SMS

Industry notification SMS is mainly used to send some reminder and notification information to users, so as to notify users of changes in related matters and processing conditions, and only serve as reminders and notifications. For example, sending order status, meeting notice, logistics information, transfer reminder, government affairs reminder, etc.

The price of industry notification SMS is similar to the price of verification code SMS, and the price of each SMS is 10 15 paisa③Marketing SMS

Marketing SMS is the purpose of corporate group sending of SMS for publicity and promotion. It is mainly used in scenarios such as company events, new product launches, member services, preferential notices, and customer care to help companies improve customer service efficiency, improve brand marketing, and attract new customers. Business development capabilities. In general, its purpose is to attract customers to buy products or services.

The price of marketing SMS is slightly higher than verification code SMS and industry notification SMS. The price of each SMS is 10 to 15 paise The reason why the price of marketing text messages is slightly higher is that marketing text messages will cause certain harassment to recipients, and they are easy to be complained by recipients, resulting in the closure of the text message channel. Therefore, the cost of the text message channel is higher, so the price is also high.

2. The number of short messages sent by purchasing group

Group texting also follows the principle of large quantity and priority. The more customers purchase group text messages, the lower the price will naturally be.