Details about paid marketing

Details about paid marketing

Details about paid marketing


In this decade the medium of advertisement changed from traditional to digital and a number of businessmen believe in digital marketing. digital marketing is divided into mainly 2 parts organic marketing another inorganic or paid marketing .today we will discuss details about paid marketing means advantages and platforms.

What is paid marketing?

 Paid marketing means all online platforms or particular platforms which are used for our business promotion or lead generation or getting reach whatever may be the goal we can target people through using different filters like gender, location, age by spending money is known as paid marketing.

Platforms of paid marketing 

Google ads – Google ads is one of the best-paid advertisement platforms we can use for different goals for increasing website visitors or lead generation We will see the details about this in the next blog.

Facebook ads-facebook ads 2 nd largest platform after google ads we use Facebook platform for an advertisement we can show our ads across Facebook on the timeline, in the marketplace as well as display ads OR in the story.

Instagram ads Instagram is also one of the largest platforms nowadays people are more active than Facebook we can run paid ads for reach as well as for branding.

LinkedIn ads- Linkedin ads are mostly used for B2B advertisement it is costly as compared to google ads and Facebook ads. only professional people are on Linkedin so it is useful for B2B people.

Twitter ads- Twitter is one of the famous platforms for trending subjects you can use for boosting your tweets or for branding you can run paid ads

Pinterest Ads-  on Pinterest you can promote your blog, there are more females on Pinterest compared to males so you can target based on this.

Advantages of paid marketing 

1)Quick result

2)Wide reach

3)Quick branding

4)Pay only for kpi

5)Multiple ads format


7)Highly targeted

1)Quick result 

  When we spend on paid advertising we get a quick result if we run google ads or FB ads we get leads within some hours that’s why paid ads are essential in the view of businessmen

2) Wide reach

we can reach out to every part of the world using paid marketing we can target any location people and gender as well as a profession that why it has a wide reach.

3) Quick branding

if we run any campaign regarding branding we get the best within some days if we start any franchise in your area then you can run a campaign for brand awareness then you get better reach within some days so for quid branding paid marketing is always best.

4)Pay only for KPI

one of the best advantages of paid advertisement is you have to pay for KPI (key performance indicator) means you have to only for what you define goal it may for lead generation or for more website visitors you are chargeable for such type of actions

5)Multiple ads format

you can target any social media and ad format such as if people searches for any product then you can show your result on the first page using paid ads.

if you want to show ads in the Instagram story then you can show ads in the Instagram story using paid ads so you can access any ads format using paid ads so it helps to target different people.

6) Analytics

another advantage of paid ads is you can see analytics in detail like how many rupees spent in a particular time how many people see this as well as how many people engage in related ads such as many factor cost of leads, age of and gender of your target audience so using all this study we can.

7) Highly targeted

using no of filters we and criteria we can reach our targeted audience which is our customer they are no such way in offline marketing to find out such an audience but using paid marketing we can do that so it is one more advantage of paid marketing.