digital marketing plan for business

digital marketing plan for business

all of we know their are lots off digital marketing platform are available ,today we try to understand some common platform and their key feature and using such platform we can advertise our business so lets start and exlore digital marketing plan for business.

digital marketing plan for business using social media platforms

1. Facebook: 

we know that Facebook is largest platform all over world there are 340 million Facebook user just in India and 3.2 billion user all over world using Facebook  we can create leads brand awareness, we can increase our website by using our blog posting ,as well as we make paid ad through Facebook by targeting people on depend on location, interest, age all this criteria can use as well as in organic posting we use Facebook pages, Facebook public groups, Facebook market place this platform simply great .we can make shop on Facebook page we can show our product services with price if Entrepreneurs  use this platform in creative way then they can get  leads and traffic for their business.


i can say that after now in 2021 Instagram is booming everywhere they have excellent feature story ,reels, and many other if you want to increase your brand awareness then I think  none of greater than Instagram ,we can maintain strong relation between user and brand as well as we can make leads through Instagram ads as well as we can set up through our Instagram business account as well as we can see our Instagram insight how many people reach your post or profile how many people engage  all type of data we can see.


LinkedIn is very professional type of platform ,we can use as B2B platform there are number of company owner ,start up owner, and and many people form all over world we can make  connection with our filed related people and interact with them as well we can make company page we can promote our services by this page .

4)google ads

google ads one of the great platform whare we can target people by using their searches age location we can get very specific leads from that ,people are seraches for service and product from google then go to google first page we can see some ads that called google ads this is called search ads we can write diffrent type of campaign reagrarding our needs. where it is lead generation or whatever of people need .


we know WhatsApp is one of biggest chat platform over the world ,we can connect via WhatsApp .by connecting WhatsApp we can make strong contact and relation with customer by sending graphics, information as well as we can map location of our company it build one type of trust ,as well as we can send bulk sms using bulk sms portal

6) Bulk SMS marketing

SMS marketing is one of finest platform for marketing .its cost is so cheap as compare to other platform we get 1,00,000 SMS in just 10 to 15000 so we can send offer ,event notification, buy sells offer throughout SMS so you can use this platform .

7)other paid platform

other paid platform in India is just dial, indiamart you can paid them on monthly basis as well as you can choose yearly plan they provide leads depend what type of plan you choose .

8) google my business

You can advertise your business through google my business if you set map and other details on google my business profile and people in your area can find your business online.