Digital marketing strategy for your business

Digital marketing strategy for your business

Digital marketing strategy for your business

For running any business we required some planning about what product service you give to your customer as well how you can get such client or customer using digital marketing,so we will see the details about digital marketing strategy for your business.

We know how the sales funnel works in 7 steps we can see

  • 1)awareness
  • 2)interest
  • 3)consideration
  • 4)intent
  • 5)evaluation
  • 6)purchase
  • 7)service

First, you have to make awareness regarding your product or service using different campaign after that you have to make interest regarding another campaign after that people approach you means they consider your product or service after that you have to judge the customer means within how many days he will purchase your product and service and then you have to make discount or offer related to that product after that customer purchase your product or service and after that, you have to satisfy the customer by giving support and proper service as this way you can make sells plan for your business.

Digital marketing strategy for your business

If you want to make a digital marketing plan then you must have to create an online platform for your business step by step.

1)Google identity address for your business

First, you have to make a google identity or Gmail account from using this you  can log in to every social platform  as well as for email marketing you required this identity

2) Google map or online address

You must have registered your business online map so people can find your business address online as well as people can visit your website using the google map address.

3) Social media setup

using social media you can advertise your business-related interested people as well as you can influence people by using your social media post and videos as well you can make a lead generation campaign.

4) Website design

having a business website is always a plus point for every business so make a website of your business so people can easily trust you as well as you can drive quality sales from the website.

5) Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS is a new way of marketing for awareness you can use as well as for lead generation you can use bulk SMS marketing

you are able to make plans for your business using these techniques.