Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

digital marketing vs traditional markketing

digital marketing vs traditional markketing



                             we know that there are 2 types of marketing one is digital marketing and the other is traditional marketing .digital marketing is the marketing we target our desire people through different social media platforms as well as websites there are a number of ways in digital marketing and another side traditional marketing there is no specific targeting it uses ancient ways to target people like radio add news and other ways so we details find the difference between Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing.




if talk about pricing of traditional marketing vs digital marketing then digital marketing is always profitable because in organic marketing we can reach out millions of people by different Facebook group and pages and if talk about paid marketing then we paid for only on that person who is interested in our product or service. and in traditional marketing, we have to pay at a time without any goal whose price may be huge and we still we not confirm that we get leads from that.


we can not specify our reach customer in traditional marketing we have to target at a time if we print our ad in a newspaper then we consider lac of people read a newspaper but only a few of them can see your add and if anyone interested then contacts you .but many of not read or buy newspapers but interested in your product so we miss that audience but in digital marketing we targeted people by location-wise, interested wise, search wise,age-wise there are no of criteria we have to filter out to get interested people this is the difference.


In traditional marketing we can not track customers there is the only way if you give a number in adS then people maybe call you but in digital marketing, we get leads in excel sheet so we can manage well, as well as we can see customer profile online.


in traditional marketing, we cannot do remarketing our past interested people but in digital marketing, we can reach on repeat mode who show interest in our product.

5) Relationship management

in traditional marketing, we can not stay connected with an existing customer but in digital marketing, if our customer follow our social media pages then they stay connected everyday with us .

These are the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing