Text message template for the driving school

driving school examnotification message template

driving school exam notification message template

Group texting is a good way of information dissemination. It not only spreads quickly, but is also easy to save. Many driving schools usually use SMS platforms to send test messages to students in groups. Then the driving school informs students how to edit the content of test group messages? The following is a text message template for the driving school notification reminding students to send the test group for your reference:

Text message template for the driving school

1. Subject 1 test appointment notification SMS

[Xx Driving School] Dear, students who participated in Division One today can log in to 12123 online or on their mobile phones, register with their ID number, and then click to make an appointment to make an appointment at xx location on x month x day. Don’t miss it!

[Xx Driving School] Participants who successfully booked the first test of Subject 15, please bring your ID card and letter of commitment before 8:30 in the morning, go to the xx location, queue up for the number and then take the test, students who take the school bus, please arrive before 7:00 Gather at the gate of the driving school. If you have any questions, please call: ******.

2. Subject 2 exam appointment notification SMS

[Xx Driving School] Notice: Students who passed the first course today can make appointments for the second course on xx day, Zhengzhou Huitong Examination Center and Xinzheng Huayang Examination Center, don’t make a mistake! !

[Xx Driving School] Notice: The subject two venue test will be held on December 10 this Saturday, from 8 am to 3 pm, first come first test; location: Jiang ** Driving School (opposite to Shipping Plaza). Please bring your ID card and driving license, and prepare the venue fee of 100-200 yuan. Hope to tell each other and arrive early!

3. Notification SMS for Subject Three Exam Appointment

[Xx Driving School] Dear xx, please gather at the intersection of xxx at 8:00 am for the test of subject three tomorrow, bring your ID card and student ID, and don’t be late.

[Xx Driving School] Tomorrow for the third test, gather at the intersection of xxx at 6 o’clock in the morning, bring your ID card and student ID, don’t be late, and leave on time at 6 o’clock.

4. Subject four test appointment notification SMS

[Xx Driving School] The students who passed the third course today can get to the fourth course of No. 8.9. The first test room of the course, don’t make a mistake! ! !

Temporary notice:

[Xx Driving School] Urgent notice: From 2020.10.25-12.1, the traffic control office network system is maintained every weekend. It is not possible to make an appointment for an exam. If you ask for an exam, avoid the weekend time! ! !

[Xx driving school] Dear users, due to the large number of bookings made by the traffic control office on weekends, it may not be possible to successfully book the exam. Please avoid the weekend when you ask for the exam!

[Xx Driving School] Tomorrow (January 12), the test location will be changed to the south of the city. Come to the school on time at 7 a.m. and go to the county for the test. If you go alone, please reply directly to the text message. Those with other driver’s licenses will be handed over to the driving school after the third test.