Dynamic Website Design Features for business

dynamic website features

dynamic website features

Having a business website is always great for your business growth in the last blog we discuss static website what is a static website, features of the static website as it is today we will get all details regarding Dynamic Website what is Dynamic website,what are the features of this websites and another factor will be cover from this let’s start.

What is a Dynamic Website?

Dynamic website is one type of website which have or contains no of feature like live chatbot as well as WhatsApp chat as well as calling button, inquiry form all these features we can add in this website which helps increase our business growth .as well as it has sliding images video which helps to engage a customer.

let see some features of dynamic websites.

1) Unlimited pages

in the static website, we can add only limited pages but in a Dynamic website, we can add unlimited pages so if we want to add different except home, about us, services. so it is an advantage

2) Inquiry form

the inquiry form is the key feature of dynamic websites because it is working as a lead generator because no of customers visited everyday on websites and one of that may be interested in your service and product then they can fill the inquiry form and we will get an inquiry through mail or in the excel.

3)WhatsApp chat /automatic chatbot

Whatsapp chat / automatic chatbot it is one of the great features for dynamic website because website visitor can easily be connected via WhatsApp and directly communicate with us so it makes a good impact to maintain relationships with the customer as well as due to instant reply we can convert the inquiry into our leads.

4)social media pages and youtube channel attachment

in this, you can add or link your youtube channel as well as social media pages so people can visit your social media platform and youtube channel and get more knowledge about your product and services.

5)Number of themes

In dynamic websites, there are a number of themes so we can design our website according to our business .

These are some advantages of having a dynamic website so  if you want to make a dynamic website then contact  us @ www.foxaircomm.com

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