Features of Business WhatsApp messenger

features of whatsapp business

Features of Business WhatsApp messenger

from the view of every businessman WhatsApp marketing execute a big role because without conversation and making good relation we can convert the customer to business lead, but many times we are not available to talk with the client then business WhatsApp help us because it has lots of features today we will discuss that feature and how can we use this features in our business Whatsapp messenger


Features of Business WhatsApp messenger


it is one of the greatest features of business Whatsapp many times you will not available to chat with customers so autoresponse play role you can set autoreply like people can get your other contact no,  address of office service you provide other social media platform you have or google form.

how to set up autoreply?

features of whatsapp business

Features of Business WhatsApp messenger

just click on the right side 3 dot name business tools then you can see one option away message then you can add their you away message what customer receive the message if you not available we will give an example

Thank you for your Message We Will Contact You Shortly

you can visit our other social media platform

Google map;https://bit.ly/3hMBOzK
foxaircomm LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/foxaircomm
foxaircomm Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/foxaircommservice
foxaircomm Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/foxaircomm/

Contact no
88798 64151

Thanks and Regard

as this way, you can create your message, and then it is automatically delivered to new numbers who message you.

2) catalog

a catalog is one of the best options for business Whatsapp, you can add you all product or services with price and you can give all features and details of product and services .people can see your catalog and connect with you its save your time many times.

3) labels

in labels you can categorize people by labeling if you send a quote to some customer then you can label that customer as a quoted it help find after  who your existing customer who is not interested and