As a cost-effective marketing method, SMS marketing is favored by the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. The key to doing SMS marketing is to choose a formal SMS group messaging platform, so how to choose a formal SMS group messaging platform? so we have to know Four points of formal SMS group messaging platform


Four points of formal SMS group messaging platform

1. High arrival rate and fast sending speed

A high arrival rate is the key to good SMS marketing. If the sent SMS cannot be received by the customer, then the content of the marketing SMS edited later and the precise number are no good; for the sending speed, many SMS companies promote their SMS arrival The rate is high, but not a word about the sending speed. If your SMS has a high arrival rate but the sending speed is very slow, the effect will be greatly reduced for the time-sensitive SMS.

Diyi Information has focused on SMS applications for many years and has a self-developed SMS group messaging platform with abundant channel resources, which guarantees the high arrival rate and speed of SMS.

2) the channel is stable

At present, there are many large and small SMS group sending companies on the market. Many small companies lack channel resources, and the channels used are mostly three-handed or four-handed. Therefore, the stability of the channel cannot be guaranteed, so the arrival rate and sending speed of short messages are good. Time is bad.

First Wing Information has focused on SMS applications for many years. It has a rich direct connection channel, and the platform has the function of intelligently switching channels. When there is a problem with the channel used, it will automatically switch to a backup channel to ensure the arrival rate and sending speed of SMS.

3. Support reply, strong interaction

Many SMS group sending companies do not support the reply function due to the lack of technology and lack of channel resources. The reply function is very important, which can increase the interaction with customers and allow customers to provide comments on the product, thereby continuously optimizing Improve products to make them more popular with customers.

4. “Charging for successful SMS sending” charging method

At present, there are two charging methods for the SMS group sending platform. One is “submission for billing”, which is based on the mobile phone number submitted by the customer. No matter how many successes and failures, there is no receipt status report; the other is “SMS sent successfully “Billing” charging method, this charging method is to charge only the part of the SMS that the customer sends successfully, and provide the SMS delivery status receipt report. The customer can clearly see which SMS was successfully sent, which failed to be sent, and the reason for the failure.

What I have to mention here is that “submit billing” has a big drawback, that is, it gives some bad companies the opportunity to “deduct”. Many bad companies often use low prices to entice customers to recharge, and then use “deduct”. For profit, this charging method is currently the mainstream charging method in the SMS group sending industry, and some powerful and formal SMS group sending companies have abandoned this charging method. For example, Diyi Information broke the traditional “submission charging” charging method. Adopt the charging method of “SMS sending successful billing, failing to return” to prevent customers from sending an extra cent of unjustified money.


These Four points of formal SMS group messaging platform