Google Ads Types And Objective 

google ads types and objective

google ads types and objective

      as usual we will be going to explore the new concept of digital marketing that is Google ads types and objectives for business marketing. we know in the view of businessmen Google ads are so important for the different goals it may be for lead generation or branding of our business Or website visitors. so we will see the all detail regarding ads types and their goal.

Google Ads Types And Objective

3)Website traffic
4)Explore brand or product
5)Brand awareness
6)App promotion
7)Local store visit and promotion
8)Without goals

Google ads type or format

  • Search 
  • Performance max
  • Display ads
  • Shopping
  • Video
  • Discovery

1) Sales 

If you want to sales for your product and service then you can select this types of ads then based on that you can select ads format like search ads no of people searches for their related requirement you can select such keyword by using different keyword searches tools if you want to explore ads or reach to the large audience then you can select this format .display ads are used for showing product services ads on every platform of google as well as if we produce we can advertise through shopping which showing on google first pages well you can run video ads for sales description and product featuring.

2) leads

For a lead generation no of peoples prefers search ads people coming through search ads are genuine as well as we can run display ads through this we can add a contact form so people fill that form and we get leads.

3) Website traffic

For website traffic, you can run search ads as well as display ads by putting attracting images and content increase website traffic means educating people about your product and service with the help of your website.

4) Explore brand or product

In this type, you can run shopping ads as well display ads people can explore different brand and product of our your business .it is the best platform for advertising you’re all product for just taking attention of people.

5) Brand awareness

For brand awareness, you can run display ads or search ads in your selected area if you providing and service or product selling then you can make awareness in your local area so people find service nearby me or …shop in …area then google can show your result.

6) App promotion

If you have the app then you can run app promotion through different ads form your objective is people can see app details and install it so you can run search ads, display ads as well as video ads on so after watching video people know about your app and some of them may install your app.

7) Local store visit and promotion

For increasing your store visit you can search ads using google my business account you can add a map of your store or office on that ads so people can visit your place as well as you can run display ads also for increase visit and promotion

Hope now you will get an idea about using different marketing goals how we can select proper ads for our business so what is your goal this decide.


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