Google turn 23 some interesting fact of google

some intresting fact of google

some interesting fact of google

ALL we know is GOOGLE is one most used search engines all over the world there are nearly 4 billion people user of google.Google turns 23 years today and how this company grow and who its founder and another some interesting fact of google we can see today


Some interesting fact of google


sergey brin and larry page is the founder of google page is attending his Ph.D. from Stanford University and bring already DOING Ph.D.

2)google the first name

did you know in early In 1996, Page and Brin work on a pioneering “web crawler” concept curiously called BackRub

3)Google’s first office was a rented garage.

now you can see a big office of google in silicon valley right? but in 1998 the company’s first office was is garage then year by year company grow and now it has a big office with having numbers of feature now google office is known as  Googleplex, which is a combination of Google + Complex

4)daily searches

there are 1billion searches handled by google every day and it comes from at least 10 million computers.

5) information process daily

did you know that Google processes around 20 petabytes or 20,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of information daily?

6)websites on google

did you know? how many websites are on google there are 1.88 billion websites on Google?

7)how search engines work

did you know how the search engine works if we search for anything we get unlimited result ex we search for computer rental service near me then it shows who give this service near you first 2 3 lines result are google ads people pay for that advertisement based on keyword .and another result are whos website is good for that result .in the background google crawled that website and analysis which contain is the best according to SEO and then it is index by page

8) CEO and value of the company

SUNDER PICHAI is the CEO of Google and networth of google in 2021 is 1682 billion $