Bulk SMS For GYM


SMS group messaging has applications in all walks of life, and the gym industry is no exception. The following editor from Lexin will introduce the application of SMS group messaging in the gym industry and share some good Bulk SMS For GYM examples we will see

The application of group SMS in the gym industry mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Promotion

The gym can use the SMS group messaging platform to send mass messages of fitness benefits to people who have not been exposed to fitness, so as to attract them to get in touch with fitness, learn about fitness, and increase the visibility of the fitness center.

2. Promotions

For some members who have not made a deal or lost, they can convert and recall through some promotional activities, such as sending some experience courses, trial invitations, and registration discounts to those who have not completed the deal.

3. Member maintenance

The fitness center can use SMS group messaging to send some blessings and caring messages to members on member birthdays, major holidays and sudden changes in the weather, so that members feel warm, thereby enhancing the image of the fitness center in the hearts of members. The relationship between members.

Commonly used content templates for group SMS in gyms:

①Promotional SMS

[Xx Gym] Hello, dear members, on the occasion of New Year’s Day, the gym will launch a discount activity of buying 899 and getting 188 free. Welcome!

[Xx gym] Dear members, hello, xx gym recently launched a fitness discount package activity, members are 30% off, you are welcome to come! Phone: 174xx!

②Seasonal change care message

[Xx gym] Dear customers: Eat more lean meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits and other foods rich in high-quality protein and high vitamins when changing seasons in autumn and winter to maintain regular life, ensure adequate sleep, and enhance resistance to viral and bacterial infections ability.

③Birthday greeting message

[Xx gym] Dear member: Today is your birthday, we specially send you a warm blessing, a fitness card worth 198, happy birthday to you!

④ Holiday greeting messages

[Xx gym] Dear member: I wish you a happy xxx day! Wish you a beautiful life and a happy family! Fitness can enjoy xxx discount! A lot of surprises are waiting for you, service call: 172xx!