In recent years, many companies have chosen 106 SMS platform to send notification messages to customers. Because 106 text messages have obvious advantages over telephones. Call notifications may be mistaken for spam calls by customers. Calling one by one is inefficient and costly. The short message notification can arrive in time, the cost is low, the operation is simple, and customer dislike is avoided. Therefore, 106 SMS notifications are generally used after home appliance sales. Below, I will recommend some home appliance after sales SMS templates.

1 Hello, your service information has been received by the Linwu Haier after-sales service center. An Luo master 183xxxxxxxx has been on-site service. The specific time is contacted by the after-sales master to make an appointment. If you have any questions, please contact the after-sales network supervision telephone: 0371-xxxxxx Haier After Sales】

2 Hello! My side is Midea’s Little Swan after-sales service. Your service needs have been accepted by our after-sales network. A service staff will contact you for on-site service later (service staff: Master Li, contact number: xxxxxxxx). If you need to expedite, you can also take the initiative to contact the service staff, if you have any questions, please contact the service provider-Guiyang Jinghua Appliance Repair Department, contact number xxxxxxx. I wish you a happy life [beautiful after-sales service]

3 Dear Midea users, our company has accepted your maintenance service/installation. Please call xxxxxxx or master number 159xxxxxx29 to contact us after you see the information. Thank you [After-sales service of Qiandongnanmei]

4 Your Changhong product service has been accepted. The engineer calling for your on-site service is 131xxxxx340, and the service outlet is calling xxxxxxx. Please keep the phone open! 【Changhong After Sales】

5 Hello, I am here for the after-sales service of Fangtai kitchen and bathroom. We have received your service request and dispatched work to the master (Chen Fudao), the master telephone (18908593***), if you have any questions, please contact the company, landline: 0859-xxxxxxx I wish you a happy life! [Fang Tai kitchen and bathroom after-sales department]

6 Hello, please call the air conditioner installer Liu Sijia 1768xxxxx48 when the goods arrive. If you are not satisfied with the charge and attitude of the master, please contact Manager Liu 1869xxxxx66, the company phone 3xxxx40, [Gree after-sales service]