Group SMS is a common method of information transmission, and it is a good tool for many companies’ information notification and promotion. How long can the group SMS be delivered? This is a problem that many companies and merchants are more concerned about. The editor below will introduce it to you.

How long does it take for group SMS to be delivered?

Group SMS can be divided into three categories according to the content: verification code SMS, notification SMS, and marketing SMS.

According to the sending mode, SMS group sending can be divided into two methods: the direct group sending method of the SMS platform and the triggering of the SMS platform api interface.

Calling the SMS platform api interface to trigger this method is generally used in user registration, secure login, early warning notifications, order notifications and other scenarios. The time requirements are relatively high. The delivery time of the formal and reliable SMS platform is generally 3-5s.

The direct mass sending of SMS platforms is mostly used to send some marketing information and some information notifications in business operations, such as new product launches, discount promotions, holiday blessings and care, etc. This type of information generally does not require high information timeliness. It will be slower than sending the SMS group.

There are several reasons for the slow delivery of such information:

① After the enterprise submits the SMS group, the content needs to be reviewed by the staff of the SMS platform, and sensitive words and URLs must be reviewed. It takes a relatively long time to ensure the safety of the SMS to avoid complaints.

②The SMS platform directly sends mass messages, and the general sending volume will be large. Many companies will submit tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands at a time. It will take a certain amount of time to send tens of thousands completely. Generally, a batch of 10 short messages can be sent in about half an hour.

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