How to create a LinkedIn Business page

how to create linkedin business page

how to create linkedin business page

 we know Linkedin is a very professional format where we can get all working people, employees, businessmen, companies owner, directors, entrepreneurs, and business consultants, and more types of professional people we get or we can say that we can connect with them also we can make the good relationship as well as sometimes you can get leads from your connections.

if you want to set up business on Linkedin then you have to set up your LinkedIn business page on Linkedin it has no feature which helps you to increase your business as well as you can promote your websites and also you can hire employees for your business and many other features it has so let start and learn how to create Linkedin page.

setup of Linkedin business page

To create a Linkedin business page you have to go through the following link where you can go on page where you can see the option create a page.


then you can see 4 options what is the reason behind starting this page is your small business or large business, or you have to make a subpage of any existing pages or you have an educational institute so if we choose a small business then we go through this

first we have to fill up some information which is asked or required for page creation like what should be the name of your page as well as from which industry you belong, how many workers work in your company .company type as well logo tagline you can add these things.

next step you can add the description of your business like what services or product provided company then you can fill information in this way then we can set up the action button under your profile like visit website, contact us, register and as this way, your LinkedIn page is created now you can start posting.

which feature we can use 

1)job hiring –

there are numbers of capable people on Linkedin who have great, knowledge, skill and experience so if want to hire for our company you can monthly post 1 job post in free version if you have to post more than that then you have to get paid version or we can say that paid features.

2)you can write an article 

you can write an article related to your business sometimes if your content is ranked then you are linked articled is listed on google’s first page and several visitors can come to your profile and they get more knowledge regarding your business or service. as well as you can share your website blogs ,graphics on that

3)lead generation 

you can add people via invitation or by making good content which is related to your product and service or may be interested in future you can run paid ads on Linkedin as well as you can get from organic way by cold messaging.

now hope you know how we can create Linkedin page and how we can use features of linkdein .for more you can visit our website