There are many festivals now, like the Qixi Festival that just passed, or the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc., people will also have many other important festivals of their own, such as wedding anniversary, birthday, etc. , Whether you are single or have a partner, married, have children or have offspring, always have at least one holiday!

In these festivals, people are used to opening a bottle of wine. In the past, there might be more white wine, but now more people like to open red wine, with a more artistic taste! How to edit the message of red wine marketing SMS

So now shopping malls, supermarkets, online flagship stores, etc., a lot of red wine are sold, and the sales are still good. Today I will introduce some red wine message group marketing content templates, similar businesses can learn from!

[**Red wine] How can there be no wine on weekends! The new set is available for a limited time! Catch all the popular wines! As low as **% off! Place an order now, own it immediately, open **** to view details!

[**Red Wine] We have prepared a rich and varied set for you, rich and sweet, ruby ​​with a curling aftertaste, fresh and vibrant dry white for summer, the strongest match for the new favorite of the wine circle, waiting for you to unlock, don’t miss out the many discounts, Open the **** link and start the wonderful weekend immediately!

[**Red wine] Say goodbye to the dull summer, and the refreshing wine is coming, enter the coupon code: ****, 20 yuan off, come and start your active weekend!

[**Red Wine] Valentine’s Day is no good without wine, 20% off Valentine’s Day set is here! There are also gift vouchers with a total value of more than ***. The sweetness of love is to have wine as a companion, and be sweet for the rest of your life! For details:***

【**Red wine】It will rain again tonight, let us take you to ride the wind and waves in the rainy season! Let us send wine to your door to please your mood when you don’t want to go out on a rainy day! Open *** to place an order immediately, and a 6-piece set of wine utensils will be given for delivery! Order Tel: ****

【**Supermarket】Enjoy Tanabata drunk, place an online order with one click, satisfy with wine, roses, and chocolates, as well as a gift package of sweet coupons, immediately open the *** official account and deliver it in 30 minutes. The Tanabata is all satisfied, let You love him/her, full of surprises!

[**Supermarket] Celebrate the double festival, ***Dry Red will join hands in **Mall/Supermarket, to give you a gift, the original price is **RMB imported with original packaging***, now buy one box and get one box free, configure the handbag, and go Visit friends and relatives! Event Date: ****, Address: **** Looking forward to seeing you!

【**Flagship Store】**Red wine, from ***, no pigment added, pure grape juice brewing, rare*** wine, fruity flavor, with exquisite packaging, tasteful for self-drinking, and noodles for gifts! What are you waiting for, come and buy it, address: ***, phone ****