How to increase DA value of website

every website value depends on DA(domain authority) and PA(page authority ) how strong is your website I  depend on this factor today we will discuss that how we can increase the value of DA .

HOW to increase value is DA

HOW to increase value is DA

what is DA?

DA is known as domain authority this concept was developed by Moz it is measured in 1 to 100 where 1 is a low score and 100 is the top score. if your website DA is 20 then you have to work on that to increase the value as well 50-60 score will be the average score .moz score defines the ability of the website to grow in web searches.

now we see some steps increase the DA value?

1)select the proper domain name

to increase the DA value we must have to select pepper domain name means it should have very few charactoristic as well as you it should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember

2)use same font and readble font

you have to use one font everywhere in your website as well you have to take care that the font you used in your website is easily readble .

3)create linkable content for website

internal linking and external linking is important for SEO but you have to make confirm that people can easily click whatever you link like this are the best phone under 15000 budget .as this way you can make metatags and headlines so people can easily click.

4)internal linking and external linking

when you make internal liking and external linking you should know that you should link realtable content to current content as well as while you give external link then give similar website link.

5) mobile friendly website

one of the most important things 90 % user use mobile for internet suffering then you should know that your website must have mobile friendly. mobile friendly website¬† give good experience to user and that’s why people get engaged more so try to make your website mobile friendly.

this are the some tips for increase DA (domain authority)of your website