How to send promotional bulk SMS for Diwali

HOW TO SEND promotional bulk sms for diwali

HOW TO SEND promotional bulk sms for diwali

             we know in India there is several festivals and every festival need shopping of different things if we celebrate Holi then we required coloures and clothes for this particular festival and many businesseman do occasionally business .and in this situation who gave best offer service or quality then they can make a good sell. so first if you have to advertise your business in front of people.

so today we will be going to see how can we send promotional bulk SMS of Diwali of offers, discounts, and make sell then let’s start.

Some steps for promotional SMS marketing for Diwali

1) SET a goal 

First you have to make goals for your business advertising, like what is your product and what type of audience you are required.

2) Time and day

To make a successful campaign then you have to select the proper date and time. if you want to run the campaign for Diwali then you must have to run the campaign before 8 to 10 days because people started their shopping before Diwali if we give some good offers then people get attracted to your product and services.

3) Write a short and sweet template 

To send promotional SMS  then you have to make a clear and short message where people can get the attention of your message and they know what you giving OR selling.

4) Targeted people

businessmen who do advertising for their business maybe they do for real estate or serviceman, etc then we have to select that people who are interested or capable for doing investment ex for real estate we can target businessman as well as job person so target your relevant people.

Now we can see how to write SMS for offer

ex.1.if you writing a template for a laptop computer sell then you can write a message in the following way

Treat yourself for the Diwali
on all laptop
get 10% off TILL 3 NOV. to grab OFFER order now

contact us *************

IT-HUB Digitech services

in this simple way, you can give offers and many people are waiting for such offer they can contact.

hope you understand how to write SMS for promotion in Diwali and target your relevant people.

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