How to set up online business  platform 

How To Set Up Online Business Platform

How To Set Up Online Business Platform

welcome back to another chapter of digital marketing in the last some we will get the details about a different aspect of digital marketing today we get the details about how to set up a business online platform.

First, we have to find how many platforms we get for our business listing in social media we can set up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest, LinkedIn, business WhatsApp any more sites. if we are selling some product then we can list it on Amazon and Flipkart as well as on google map you can create your profile .usng website you can show your all business details now we see in details

Steps for setup business online platform

  • 1)Google account setup
  • 2)Google map setup
  • 3)Social media setup
  • 4)Create a website
  • 5)Analytical tools                                                                                                                                                              


1) Google account setup

First, you have to set up a google account by the name of your business or personal profile once you make your google account then you can access every google platform which is used for making a business profile for mail or create a social account, google meet, google contact and many more account so first create your account setup.

2) Google map setup

 Google map is required part of digital marketing because people searches daily for nearby service, food hotels, product, shops and they get map of their respective searches they can find the exact location where that shop is placed or they can read review as well as they can see photos from this conclusion they decide where to visit or buy product and service so make google my business profile strong.

3) Social media setup

After creating a Google account then you can make your business social media profile like a Business facebook page , Instagram account, Twitter account, Linkedin page on Facebook page you can setup all profile maps as well as services and shop so people can buy your product and services. you can use Instagram for branding your business and Linkedin for B2B business and Pinterest for increasing your website traffic.


4) Create a website

While making your business profile online you should have a website .without a website you can not sell your product services online as well as people trust most of those businesses who have websites and if your website is well managed and SEO friendly then you get lead from google searches and if you want to run google ads you required a website and you redirect your service and product pages from that so make a website.

5) Analytical tools   

   After setting up all platforms you must have to see the analytics of your profile you can see social media analytics in their respective social media insight option, for the website you can use different tools like google search console, google analytics and using this you can find your audience behavior reach engagement searches and you can change advertising strategy using this analytics.

These are some essential steps for set up your business online platform.