For every business, we required a website. and every website required analytics using website analytics we can track every action of our website like ranking, keywords, and visitors today we are going to discuss the google search console tools.

google search console previously is known as google webmaster after that it is named as google search is a free tool where we can track websites and all analytic related to them. then let’s start now we can see step by step.


first, you have to type google search console on google search engine then you get the website then you can click on that then you can enter your domain on a given window then there is code generated there 3 4 options to connect our websites to google search console. but in a simple way you can add HTML code in heading tags of the website or WordPress you can add header footer plugin in that plugin you can just copy-paste your website HTML code then your website is automatically connected.


3)URL inspection
a)Page Experience
b)Core Web Vitals
c)Mobile Usability
b)Sitelinks searchbox
c)Unparsable structured data
7)Security & Manual Actions
8)Legacy tools and reports
9)Submit feedback
10)About Search Console

1) Overview

in google search console on the left side, you can see the first option overview where you can see all the overall reports of the website. performance graph, coverage, experience, and enhancement.


in performance, you can see how many searches come in your website by searches you can filter for how many people search by images , web,video, and news then you can track performance in the first block you can see how many clicks get your website by searching related terms in a particular period.

in the second box you can see total impression means no of times your website show on google search pages for any searches related your website .in 3rd box you can see  CTR (click through rate) means percentage of people comes in your website compare to other website .

example . what is impression?

if any one seraches for how to create facebook page for this result no of result show in that search result if your blog releted to this and indexed on google then your website also somewhere in the search result .so it is consider 1 impression.

on same page you can see graph your website analytics then you can figure out what going on

and in the bottom you can for what keyword people or what quries  people seraches for and how many clicks you get from that and impression also as well as which pages people visit most on how many click and impression for perticular page then country wise click and impression in next section you can see from which devices you get most searches comapare to mobile ,tablet and desktop and in last you can see the date in this section you can see the no of clicks and and impression on perticular date .

3)URL inspection

in URL inspection you can check your can check any link of website eighter its indexed or not on google or not if not indexed then we can request to index to google crawerler and bot after crawrling google decided to index or not that particular blog .


in this section you can see 3 option coverage ,sitemap and removals in coverage you can see  error of website valid links and excluded links form that we can find why our blogs are exculed from website then we can fix that problem 

in sitemap you can submit your sitemap link and you can see related link from that .

in removals you can see temporary removals links ,outdated content and safeserach filtering is not so much important compare to .


in this you can see the experience of people on page how many good URL contain in your website as well mobile usability of website  is good or not .

core web vitals in this we see poor URLS ,imporvent need URLS  and good URLs in this there are different terms which is important according to page speed we will see on other day.

and mobile usability you can see valid links according to mobile user you can see there.

6) Enhancements

in Enhancements we can see first option breadcrumbs. what is breadcrumbs ? many people think that his is one of  the of your website where is your blog placed it required particular tag  where that  under that tag you can see your blog.

sitelink searchbox it is a way to find your website in fast way or it is one of keyword or website  to find your website .

Unparsable structured data in this you can find if you use unwanted character in meta tag then it shows in this section then you can remove that character it may be _ ,-,* such character error show in Unparsable structured data.

7)Security & Manual Actions

in this you can see if any error occurring related security not is show if any security related  arise then we find and secure our website .

8)Legacy tools and reports

in this section you can see all links  how many interlinks you give as well as how many external links .as well as top linked pages and  top linked sites. as well as top linked text all this you can see from this.

and in setting  you can see the owner of google search console who can see the analytics as well as crawl stats means how many request get from your websites .and indexing crawler means which crawaler is used for crawal page

9)Submit feedback

if you have any  query regarding this then you submit feedback through this section you can upload scrrenshot.

10)About Search Console

in this section you get more knowledge about search console and you and also get help form as well as you can get information about user guide .

it is all about google search console now you can under what is google search console how we can use this  for analytics .for more details you can visit