how to use hashtags in social media?

how to use hashtags in social media?

how to use hashtags in social media?

today we going to see the types of hashtags use of the hashtag in social media, limitations of the hashtag while using for posting for the different social media platforms and after that we get knowldge of how to use hashtags in social media?.

we know that if we want to get more reach we must use a hashtag for our post. we know hashtag means A hashtag is a metadata tag that is prefaced by the hash symbol #. we can categorize our post through a hashtag or we can get other post also in this category now we see all about hashtags.

type of hashtag 

how to use 

limitation of hashtag

Type of hashtag 

there are a number of types of hashtag

here are

  • Industry Hashtags
  • Niche Hashtags
  • Brand Hashtags
  • Community Hashtags
  • Location Hashtags
  • Event Hashtags
  • Celebration Hashtags.
  • Industry Hashtags- industry hashtag means which belong to a particular industry, or specific category like #digitalmarketing this hashtag belongs to the digital marketing industry, we can make such type hashtag related to the different industry like #hospital #hotelmnagment #blogger #itservices this hashtag clearly show their industry.
  • Niche Hashtags-niche hashtag means all used hashtags are related to our filed like #blogger #digitalmarketing #contentwriting #googleads #fbads this all hashtags belong digital marketing industry.
  • Brand Hashtags-this hashtag is used to promote a special brand like #lenovomobiles #lenovolaptops #lenovotab #lenovoproducts if people are searching under this hashtag they got all products related to this hashtag
  • Community Hashtags this hashtag show the special community group or especially interested people like #weddingphotographers #upscaspirent #mbastudent
  • Location Hashtags this hashtag is used for showing a particular location, or anyone visited any particular location we can use this hashtag ex #pune #mumbai #pcmc #satara #nashik #mahabaleshwar.
  • Event Hashtags this hashtag is used for showing some particular event or show like #digitalmarketingworkshop #freedemoclasses.
  • Celebration Hashtags. it used for showing some achievement or festival celebration like #diwali2021 #celebrating1yearofstartup #happydiwali .

How to use 

we have to remember that this hashtag is used properly while you posting you must use a relevant hashtag try to mix hashtags like shorttail, longtail, don’t use the repeated hashtags if we have a limit of 30 hashtags use short tail, use 10 longtails, and 10 other new which is related to our brand or product.

use the different hashtags for different posts to find out which hashtag getting more reach use this hashtag.

limitation of hashtag

we know there are limitations of using hashtags we used 30 hashtags on Instagram, unlimited in Linkedin but ideal is 30 if we use more than that our post may be going into spam. for Facebook we can use 30 hashtags for Twitter we use 280 characters within that we can use our hashtag but Twitter recommended use only 2 hashtags for better results.