Many jewellery shops will use SMS group messaging to send information about the anniversary celebration activities to their old customers before launching their anniversary activities. How to edit the content of the jewellery shop anniversary text messages?

The editor here has collected and sorted out some good jewelry store anniversary text messages for your reference:

[Xx Jewelry] Dear member, hello! Tomorrow, our store will hold its 10th anniversary store celebration. From 10.26 to 11.5, enter our store to buy diamonds and give them gold! Gold bars will be drawn after jewelry discounts! Gold jewelry hits low prices! Jade 1. 9% off! Detailed consultation: xxxx, unsubscribe back to T

[Xx Jewelry] Dear member: xx5th anniversary store celebration, sincere love, purchase of jewelry over a thousand discounts ** yuan, gold and platinum discounts ** yuan per gram, gold trade-in costs ** discount; full shopping to win a big gift,*** **Waiting for you! Please contact ****** for details.

【***】***Jewelry! 5th anniversary celebration, thank you for your feedback! Receive free pearl pendants by SMS; the whole site starts at 288 yuan/g gold, 0 labor costs for gold exchange, up to 35% off for sterling silver jewelry, free exchange of new styles, address: ****, unsubscribe back to T.

[***] xx jewelry 5th anniversary celebration, thanksgiving feedback, large prices, 1 free exchange of gold in the city, unlimited brands and unlimited weight. 2You can get a gift from Saturday fortune when you enter the store. Activity time: 10.29-11.05 Hotline: 0731-2761**** Activity address: **** Unsubscribe back to T

The above is the content template of the jewelry store anniversary text message collected by the editor for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Finally, the editor reminds that there are many SMS platforms on the market, but there are many informal and unreliable SMS platforms, so you need to choose carefully to avoid improper selection and the arrival rate of SMS group sending cannot be guaranteed, which affects the promotion of SMS group sending Promotion effect.