How to write group text messages for promotional activities

How to write group text messages for promotional activities, how to edit and attract people

How to write group text messages for promotional activities

When many merchants and companies carry out promotional activities, they will conduct publicity and promotion in advance. They usually use the SMS platform to send text messages to new and old customers . Then how to write the content of the promotional activities group text messages is attractive and effective?

How to write group text messages for promotional activities? Note the following points when editing the content of group SMS messages for promotional activities:

① Explain the promotion content clearly

Let customers know what to tell themselves after reading the text messages, such as discounts on xx, and what activities are available for xx products;

② Explain the specific time clearly

General activities have a start time and an end time, this must also be clearly explained, so that it is convenient for customers to arrange time to participate in the event;

③Add honorific title

With respect, customers will feel respected and easier to accept after receiving text messages; Recommended reading: How to send group text messages and name (address)

Such as: [xx supermarket] Dear xx, xx supermarket is grateful to give back, you can participate in the lucky draw once after spending 88 yuan, the prize draw, vouchers, towels, toothbrushes, etc. are really visible! The event starts now until January 30.

How to edit the promotion SMS to be more attractive? This requires careful editing, and the following two points need to be paid attention to:

1. Consider customer psychology

Gain insight into consumer psychology and purchase motivation, carefully consider the words used to express ideas, cater to current fashion trends, and use expressions that consumers love and see. In this way, the created copy can be closer to consumers, which will arouse inner resonance.

2. Take advantage of the situation to promote

Combining the current hot content to create copywriting, which is the so-called “hot spot”. For example, Double Eleven is also a singles day, and you can use the theme of “single”. But not all product copywriting is applicable. Don’t take advantage of the situation. You must ensure that there is a fit between the two and not just mechanically.

Finally, the editor of Lexin’s SMS platform reminds everyone: Use the SMS platform to send promotional text messages in groups, and pay attention to the time and frequency of the text messages. It is best to choose the same customer to send 2-3 times when the customer is free.