How we can submit our website to Google News publisher.

How we can submit our website to Google News publisher

How we can submit our website to Google News publisher

Welcome back to Another blog of digital marketing today we will see the details about how we can submit our website to Google News publisher.

first, we have to know that there are a number of advantages of submitting our website into Google news because your blog is automatically indexed as well as we get more traffic from Google News these are the major advantages of values we can get traffic for our website as well as for YouTube also so now we will see step by step that how we can submit our website into will google publish center.

first, we have to go on the website after that you get the dashboard you can create your Publication details you can add Publication name publish center first you have to give the name of your Publication after that your Publication website property and location where you belong after that

Add your website property URL which is verify in search console after that in another tab you can give contact details for any query Google can contact you in the next step in visual styles you have to add the square logo of your brand or website in JPGE or PNG format in the dimension of 1000 into 1000 after that in the rectangular logo you have to add for light theme and dark theme and dimension will be 200 pixels wide into 20-pixel height in this ratio you can add both logos in light theme as well as dark theme if you want to upload any font you can add from upload Form and save

Now in Google News you can add your basic information Publication description and your website property in this you can add YouTube channel link as well as your website link after having both links in RSS format you get a preview of your website as well as YouTube after all set you can see e the no notification after live your website for in Google News who accept payment that type of website is not allowed in Google News so block type website and news type website get early approval this is all about Google News approval you can get  approval in 3 4 days or it takes may be 2 weeks thank you .