Importance of website for your business

importance of website for business

Importance of website for your business

Importance of website for your business

all we know that every business platform  need website but what factor or what is the importance of website for our business ? we can see the brief info  in this blog we will cover all point regarding this concept. then you able to know importance of website for your business .

1)costumer/visitor  expect

we know before buying some thing we can check product website or company profile this is give one type of trust or they can get some information regarding to our company they can able to see our product services our work filed presence. this is so important in the view of costumer

2) increase your Credibility

website increase your credibility many B2B business searching for same business if they visit our website platform using this we can drive leads or traffic. having a website is 1st impression without website we can not drive or we can say that if we want to make our leads on automation we must have website .

3)Brand awareness

our website also represent our brand we can put related blog images ,gallery if someone searches for something and their searches drive on our website they can recognise our brand ,they also able to know what type services we give or in which platform we work that type of info make brand stronger

4)it is work as lead generator

if we have website we put our business on automation like we can add WhatsApp button over there if some visitor if they like service or product then they can easily contact via WhatsApp ,as well  as we can ad lead generator over their we ask information regarding service we can get mobile number , email, address, required service from using that we can easily get info of our customer without so much effort then we have to just contact them and talk with closing lead as well as we can attach google map of our location then people can easily visit our location .

5)Revenue generator 

if our website not product or service base we can write different type blog if our site get approval of google AdSense then we get paid from google for every ad click if our log get so much reach then we can get good revenue from our website  as well as we can promote other product is called affiliate marketing we can get from affiliate account for every sell we get paid 5 % 20 % of product price ,as well as write other promotional blog on our website this are some way to use our website as revenue generator.

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