SMS mass sending is a marketing promotion method that many companies usually choose. For example, before corporate events, they usually send event information to users to pre-heat the event. In fact, SMS mass sending can not only be used as a means of corporate marketing and promotion, but also many Other uses?

1. Improve the stickiness of old users

Before each holiday comes, send some warm blessing messages to old users through SMS group sending, so that old users can feel the care of the company, thereby enhancing the image of the company in the minds of old users, thereby enhancing user stickiness.

2. Intentional user conversion

For some intended users, before they trust the company, they can send a blessing text message to the customer during some important holidays and special weather; or when the company’s products are upgraded or changed, it can also send a text message to the user to inform, thereby maintaining Proper communication with users, so that when users have needs, they will proactively contact you.

3. Corporate Recruitment

Talent is the prerequisite for the development of an enterprise, so recruiting talent is a job that an enterprise often does. In the recruitment process, corporate human resources personnel can send invitation notices, interview notices, re-examination notices, entry notices, etc. to job applicants through SMS. Clearly communicate company requirements to job applicants, which is not only time-saving but also efficient.

4. Internal management of the enterprise

In the daily operation of the company, you can also use SMS group sending to send meeting notices, email check reminders, etc., as well as send some blessings and care messages to employees, so that employees can feel the care and warmth of the company, thereby avoiding the loss of employees.