SMS group sending is a very good way of advertising, but there are still some people who don’t know about SMS group sending. Before choosing SMS group sending promotion, they often consult if group texting is legal? I Is bulk messaging advertising legal? Such a problem.

s mass messaging legal? Is mass messaging advertising legal? Here I can tell you clearly that group texting is legal. We also receive more or less group text messages from some businesses and companies every day. For example, every year on Double 11 and Double 12, we receive text messages from e-commerce companies, or public welfare promotion by government functional departments.

However, it should be noted that the following two types of group texting are illegal:

1. Send SMS via pseudo base station

Formal SMS group sending is sent through the SMS gateway channel provided by the three major operators, which will not cause any bad influence on people, while illegal SMS group sending is usually sent through pseudo base stations.

The so-called pseudo base station is an illegal radio communication device that uses GSM one-way authentication defects. It is mainly composed of a host computer and a laptop computer. It can search for GSM mobile phone information within a certain radius centered on it, and use others arbitrarily The mobile phone number forcibly sends spam messages such as fraud and sales promotion to the user’s mobile phone, usually placed in a car or a relatively hidden place.

Pseudo base station group sending short messages is very harmful. After the pseudo base station is activated, it will interfere with and block the signals of operators within a certain range, causing nearby mobile phone users to be unable to receive normal short messages. Therefore, it is illegal and is severely cracked down by the state.

2. The content of SMS group sending is suspected of being illegal

It is naturally illegal for some criminals to use SMS group sending to commit crimes and to send some information involving fraudulent information, gambling, and violation of national laws and regulations.