Bulk SMS for supermarket



SMS mass sending is a commonly used information notification reminder tool. When many merchants carry out various activities, they often use SMS mass sending tools to send event information to customers in order to inform and remind customers. Then how to edit the content of merchant activities to remind customers of SMS ? The following editor has collected and sorted out some event reminder SMS content templates for your reference:

Shopping mall and supermarket activity reminder SMS:

[Xx Supermarket] You can participate in the lucky draw once after spending 88 yuan. The prize draws, vouchers, towels, toothbrushes, etc. are really visible! The event starts now until August 31.

[Xx supermarket] It’s here, it’s here, it’s coming with surprises! The original price of xx supermarket toilet paper is 39.9, the current member price is 24.9, and a pack of 80 wet wipes is also given. Don’t miss this opportunity!

[Xx Department Store] Dear members: Year-end thank you for 2 times of 1 yuan in the department store area on February 1-5, 40 yuan per gram discount, and 10% off for supermarket members on the 14th. Is there anything more affordable than this? Back N to unsubscribe

[Xx Department Store] From December 23rd, 1 yuan for 30 yuan discount! Free red envelopes with purchases of 88 or more, you have a chance to win a thousand yuan family banquet benefits if you purchase 188 or more! Jinlong has a chance to win the Golden Goat over 50! Please consult the store for details! Back to unsubscribe

Clothing store activity reminder SMS:

1. [xx clothing] Dear member, hello! XX month XX is the second anniversary of the opening of our shop. All purchases in the shop on the same day will be 40% off. Welcome to buy.

2. [xxx Apparel] The biggest event of the year is coming. The new Juhui is 50% off. In order to repay your support, take this text message to the store for a discount of 200 yuan if you spend 1,000 or more, and unsubscribe back to T

3. [xx clothing] Dear xx customers, xx clothing store will open its 2nd anniversary on xx 20th this year. During the period from xx 20th to xx 20th, the whole costumes in this store will be discounted by 20%. Welcome s arrival!

Gas station activity reminder SMS:

1. [PetroChina] Dear customers, the gasoline of this station 92# drops by 60 cents, and the time of direct drop: December 1st 24:00 to December 7th 23:59. After December 7th, 92# gasoline can enjoy a discount if it is filled with 500 yuan. Please tell each other thank you! Address: xxxxxx Unsubscribe back to T

2. [xx Petroleum] Free glass water, wet tissues and mineral water for free! Jinshui Road, Huayuan Road, xx oil, will be delivered as soon as you refuel, hurry up and participate in the activity. Event Date: November 20th-November 31st.

The above are three common industry event reminder text templates collected by the editor for everyone. You can refer to the above templates and re-edit them in combination with the specific activities of your industry store.

Finally, the Lexin editor here reminds everyone that when using the SMS platform to send event reminders in groups, you must pay attention to the following two points:

1. Choose a reliable SMS group sending platform to support the national three-network number sending, complete certificate qualifications, and ensure the actual distribution and promotion of information.

2. The time and frequency of SMS group sending should be reasonable. Send at least 2 times before the event to ensure that the customer’s attention is drawn. The content of the copy can be different, as long as the title mall name is the same. The sending time can be concentrated at noon or 6 or 7 pm , So the information reading rate will be higher.