Promotional SMS for business

promotional  sms for business

promotional sms for business

all we know SMS marketing for every business is increasing day by day people are also believe in SMS marketing because of the low cost of marketing and the response time or we can say that we reach out lacs of people within just minutes that’s why SMS marketing is profitable.

but there are types of SMS marketing which are promotional SMS and transactional SMS Today we are going to see what is the Promotional SMS, where use it how they help increase our business all these things we will cover up from this blog so read all information regarding this.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS the SMS which is sent to marketing goal and sales this type of SMS are called promotional SMS ex. Diwali sale 15 % off any product hurry up. this type of SMS is generally promotional SMS.promotional SMS send between 9 am to 9 also has 6 character id which is known by the network operator.

Example of Promotional SMS

new merchandise alert or weekly offer we get from nearby showrooms and malls that type of SMS are known as promotional as well as  we get messages of coupon where they send code for purchase something if we redeem that we get discount

Why bulk SMS marketing is profitable

Opening rate

the opening rate of SMS marketing is about 98 % means 98 people open message whatever you send means we reach 98 % people of our total audience

Delivery time

delivery time of promotional sm is within 2 3 minutes we can send thousand of a message to our audience.


price is low as compare o other social media marketing platforms if we think about per SMS charges if cost is 10 to 15 paise as per

How to write a template for  promotional SMS

1)people should know who you are ?

many times people do not get who send this offer and what about is so please should recognise you and your business so people easily get whatever message you send.

2)make the message clear clean and short

people are nowadays not reading so much if you are sending a message in short and clean people easily what is your message what about this .

3) Time

use pickup time  for campaign when people are able to see your message use that time or you can schedule your campaign as  per your time

this are some method to create your  campaign smart .