promotional messages for home renovation


SMS group promotion is a common marketing promotion method used by many decoration companies. The quality of the editing of the SMS group promotion content directly affects the effect of the promotion. For this reason, the editor of Lexin has collected and sorted out some classic decoration company SMS group promotion content. promotional messages for home renovation here are some For reference:

New customer promotion:

[Xx decoration] Dear customer, hello! One room, one harbor, xx decoration company has built xx decoration project with professional designers and mature decoration team. Now for the xx community, xx will be given as soon as you sign the order. There are many discounts and many gifts! Detailed inquiry: xx, address: xx! Unsubscribe back to T

[Xx decoration] Dear friends, what suits you is the best home decoration, creating a warm and comfortable home! Now you can enjoy a 25% discount for cooperation. Service hotline: xxxx Unsubscribe back to T

[Xx decoration] last day! Next to the xx community! Decoration group purchase! Site design, budget! Congratulations! Address: xxxx! Enter with this SMS! Make an appointment with Manager Li 188xxxx, unsubscribe back to T

[Xx decoration] There are more than 10 sets of hardcover model houses in xx city, you are welcome to make an appointment to visit, the full set of design plans and renderings of your house decoration, xx decoration manager Li invites you to appreciate! For more information, please contact 188xxx to unsubscribe back to N

[**Decoration] Dear customer: Decoration promotion event! All kinds of home appliances are sent non-stop! With this text message, you can get the 2000 yuan project money directly! At the same time the warranty is doubled! Hotline 400****107; unsubscribe back to T.

[Xx Decoration] Hello, xxx Phase I and Phase II owners-registration for xxx Fine Decoration has begun! Pay the deposit in advance to enjoy the biggest gift: TV, air conditioner (sent to each bedroom), refrigerator, washing machine, whole house lamps and whole house curtains! Save trouble, worry, and money. Give you a warm home, let you move in after you hand over the room, and cook with fire! Registration Tel: XXXXXXXX

Regular customer referral:

[Xx decoration] Dear customers, xx decoration launches the “Old Bring New” activity, recommend effective cooperation with new customers, you can get a gift package worth 699, welcome old customers to refer! Service hotline: xxxxxxx.

The above is the promotion content of the decoration company’s short message group sent by the editor for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.