SMS group messaging is widely used in the decoration and building materials industry. Many decoration and building materials companies use SMS group messaging to send a variety of information to the owners, such as event marketing promotion, holiday customer care, start-of-work blessings, etc. The following is a collection for everyone Some samples of decorative building materials commonly used in SMS group sending for your reference:

1. Event marketing promotion SMS:

[Xx Decoration] Good news/The high-end design director will give you exclusive design space and Feng Shui changes for the first 10 owners of Ouya Lanting! Let you sit back and relax in love with decoration! Hotline 89****83 Manager Tang

[Xx home improvement] xxx decoration company, solicit xx households to decorate and pay customers on xx this month, save xx%, xxxxxx lighting city registration, consultation phone: xxxxxxxx, unsubscribe reply T

[Xx home improvement] full decoration of xx one square meter, high-quality brand materials, first install and pay later, poor quality can be refused, can help with house inspection, contact: xxxxxxxx

[Xx decoration] xx community owners, hello! Registration for xxx fine decoration has begun! You can enjoy a gift if you pay a deposit of xx yuan in advance: TV, air conditioner (sent to each bedroom), refrigerator, washing machine, whole house lamps and whole house curtains, allowing you to open fire and cook when you hand over the room! Please inquire xx, unsubscribe back to T

2. New product launch promotion

[Xx building materials decoration] Dear xx, hello! In order to return the trust of customers, xx cabinets only cost 990 yuan/m; xx cabinets 950 yuan/m (cabinet body with 18mm ecological board S series); xx cabinets 600 yuan/m. Hotline: xx, address: xx! Unsubscribe back to T

Three, holiday blessing and caring SMS

[Xx Building Materials Decoration] Dear Ms./Mr. xx, you are a gold member of xx Building Materials Decoration. Thank you for your support to our store for two years. As the xx festival is approaching, all the staff of xx shop sincerely wish you good health and great ambitions, and here is also a small gift for you. You can pick it up when you use your spare time. Hotline: xx, address: xx! Unsubscribe back to T

[XX Decoration] Being busy does not mean forgetting; thank you for your support to XX decoration. All the concerns, condensed this text message, XXX decoration staff wish you and your family: Mid-Autumn Festival.

4. Congratulations on starting work

[Xx decoration] Dear guests, in this auspicious day, I wish you a good start! We will serve you wholeheartedly, if you have any questions, please contact xx, we will solve it for you as soon as possible.

[Xx decoration] Dear Mr. xx (madam), I wish you a good start and a happy decoration! xx decoration will do its best to provide you with the best service.

Five, acceptance notification SMS

[Xx decoration] Dear customer: You are about to check and accept your house. If you are dissatisfied with the project, we will immediately correct it until you are satisfied. All xx staff wish you good health and a happy family! If you have any questions, please contact xx, I wish you a happy life!

6. Completion acceptance

【**Decoration】Dear customer, the decoration of your house has been completed, and the acceptance is scheduled for *year*month*. I hope you can spare time for acceptance. If you have any engineering questions, please call 17****!

[Xx decoration] Dear customer, thank you for choosing xx decoration, and thank you for your support and cooperation in our work. Your house was completed on xx, xx, year x. wish you a happy life!