The development of mobile Internet e-commerce requires services such as website registration, SMS notification, membership marketing, etc., all of which are inseparable from the e-commerce SMS platform providing full service for O2O online malls, verifying member registration SMS verification codes, and ensuring the information security of e-commerce websites. Improve website docking logistics platform to complete integrated mobile information services; at the same time, Lexin SMS platform provides customized e-commerce SMS platform interface sdk, which is safe and fast.
hoe service functions does SMS marketing for E-commerce
Lexin’s e-commerce SMS platform is based on cloud-based Web access, with a man-machine dialogue interface design and an easy-to-use, friendly SMS operation interface. You can manage SMS like email management, and flexibly configure instant group sending, scheduled group sending, and SMS content Multiple sending methods, such as group sending, support cloud batch sending of SMS with SMS commands, allowing users to convey information and greetings to a large number of students with one mobile phone and one SMS anytime, anywhere.
1. Provide many rich channels
Lexin’s e-commerce SMS service platform has 11 years of professional network technology and years of SP operation experience as a service provider. At the same time, it has carried out a full range of in-depth cooperation with major operators such as China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom. At the end of 2014, Lexin e-commerce SMS service platform optimizes channel resources, and launches marketing direct, marketing shunda, marketing express, notification direct, notification express, interactive express, interactive instant, advertising special, advertising easy to send a total of 9 communications service product. Help e-commerce companies or Taobao sellers to create their own direct channels to ensure that the most suitable channel and the lowest price provide the most suitable SMS service for users. Different SMS content is diverted through the channel, and the SMS sending is smoother and timely, which is different from the unfamiliar. Suspected of spam in the number segment.
2. Personalized product features
E-commerce SMS cloud service is an emerging business computing model, which has the characteristics of free installation, maintenance free, low cost, and fast update. The Lexin e-commerce SMS service platform provides e-commerce companies with a wealth of personalized SMS products and basic services with SMS Enterprise Information, integrated customer management functions, mobile phone SMS command cloud batch sending, multiple development methods of SMS interface, and support for various operations System and multiple development languages; support uplink and downlink short messages, users can reply to short messages, expand business application thinking, and serve users in the e-commerce industry in a comprehensive and three-dimensional manner.
3. Sound information security mechanism
The SMS application of Lexin’s e-commerce SMS service platform has added a mobile phone black and white list function, providing standardized SMS phrases and prohibited words functions, and providing customers with a list of mobile phone users who do not accept SMS messages, so that customers can filter and screen mobile phone users. Advocate customers to strictly abide by the relevant national information security laws, ensure the legality of the content of the text messages and the mobile phone users agree to accept the content of the text messages you send, build a complete information supervision system and secure information applications, and build a strict network security The system ensures the security of the system so as not to send illegal information content due to theft. The system has established a keyword filtering, manual review double review mechanism and a prohibited word alarm mechanism.