Shoe store opening group text message

Of course, before the opening of the shoe store, it is necessary to publicize and promote. Many stores often use the SMS platform to send text messages for publicity. The editor here has collected and sorted out some shoe store opening group text message content templates for your reference.

Regardless of whether it is a shoe store or any other store, edit the content of the opening text message and explain clearly these things, the opening time, the opening location, and the event information. Such as [xx shop] Dear xx user, hello! When and where did the xx shop open, it mainly sells xx, xx and other products, during the opening period, xx discounts, and free xx gifts or membership cards, look forward to your arrival!

The following is a collection of some shoe store opening group SMS content templates for your reference:

[Xx shop] xx shoe shop is scheduled to open on xx, xx! The opening bargain, the top three in the store every day, buy one get one free for any shoe. First come first served. For every three pairs of shoes purchased, you can enjoy a half price discount for the fourth pair. You can also get a pair of socks for free when you enter the store with this message. Address: xxx.

[Xx shop] xx shoe shop is scheduled to open on xx, xx, you are welcome! The opening of the new store is a great benefit to the whole city. During the opening period, the whole new product is 20% off. If you spend over 198 yuan, you can also participate in a lucky draw. You can get gifts such as electric cars, rice cookers, and microwave ovens. Address: xxx.

[SMS signature] Mr./Ms. xx, the new store opens xxx discount for all customers. Customers who spend more than xx yuan on the same day will get a VIP card and become a permanent member after registration. Unsubscribe back to T

[SMS signature] Mr./Ms. xx, it is polite to enter the store when the new store opens. You will get one xxx when you come. During the event, the first xxx name can get a VIP card of our store for free! Unsubscribe back to T

[SMS signature] Dear users, xxx is scheduled to open in xxx grandly. During the opening period, all xxx discounts, buy xxx to get xxx, and even cash gifts to give away. Hotline xxx! Unsubscribe back to T