SMS group sending restrictions rule



SMS group sending is a cost-effective marketing method. Anyone who knows this should know that there are restrictions on SMS group sending, and it is not possible to send it casually. So what are the specific restrictions on SMS group sending? The following editor will give you a comprehensive introduction.and give some SMS group sending restrictions rule

There are two sending methods for group SMS: one is group sending of personal mobile phone SMS, and the other is sending by SMS platform:

SMS group sending restrictions rule

One, personal mobile phone SMS group sending

China Mobile: If the number of group text messages sent by a mobile phone number exceeds 200 per hour , or more than 1,000 per day, the system will be considered as spam SMS, and the SMS function of the mobile phone number will be restricted. However, this restriction is limited to the sending and receiving of short messages and will not affect the use of other functions of the phone. Moreover, after verifying that the text messages sent are not spam messages, the system will automatically lift the restrictions after 2 hours.

China Unicom: According to national policy, in order to prevent the infiltration of spam messages, too many group messages will be blacklisted. There is currently no standard for the specific quantity.

China Telecom: The sending behavior of users whose daily number of short messages exceeds a certain standard will be intercepted.

Finally, it is added that if the three major operators send commercial short messages to individual mobile phones in groups, the sending and receiving functions of short messages will be restricted even if the number of messages sent is small;

Two, SMS platform group sending method

Now the SMS platform basically supports three networks to send. For the SMS platform, there is no limit to the number of regular SMS messages. But sensitive words will be reviewed and blocked;

Finally, let’s talk about the difference between the two:

①The former is mainly used for the daily information exchange of two or more people, and sending a small amount of notification information (not including commercial notification advertisement short messages); the latter is mainly used for batch group texting of enterprises or individuals with commercial needs, such as Wishes, birthday messages, member notification messages, member marketing messages, etc.

②The former has requirements for the amount of sending in a day, while the latter does not have this requirement. As long as it meets the requirements, as many short messages can be sent.

③The price is different. The charging standard for mass sending of personal mobile phone SMS is 1 piece/0.1 yuan, and the charging standard for group sending of SMS platform is generally 5-7 points. Depending on the number of sendings purchased by the enterprise, of course the quantity is large.

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