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static websites for small business

static websites design faeatures

We know every businessman required responsive web development for their business because we know responsive websites can give no of organic customers there are different types of website WordPress web design, e-commerce web design, as well static websites design, dynamic websites design this are types of websites, and blogger, WordPress, HTML, java is the platform where all website will be created.

a static website is the type of website where a small businessman can make their online presence or we can say that businessman can make their online presence so today we see what is a static website and how it helps to a businessman.

What is Static websites?

we can see the website having a simple structure as well as no moving screen means sliding images or video does not contain this website this type of website is known as a static website. in the static website there are some advantages as well as it has some disadvantages also so next we discuss advantages and disadvantages of static websites then let start

Advantages Static Website Design

Price:- for Static website design digital marketing agency charges the lowest packages as compared to other websites that’s why for a small businessman it is affordable.

Loading time: static website contain simple HTML codes that are not generated by every time when you enters on websites then work fast as compare to other website types.

Easy and quick edit: static websites are easy to edit we can quickly edit whatever we want that’s why it is simple to operate compared to other website platforms.

Better to index: having a simple platform is one of the benefits to index our blog on google it’s one of the great features.

simple design and pages  it contain some basic design as well as contain 5 to 6 pages like home, about us, services contact us, gallery

These are some features of a static website so if you have a business and you are looking for the best digital agency  for websites design then we are the best for that you can visit on or call 88798 64151 for details we completed some projects we provide link you can check

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